Posted by: scrabblequeen | October 23, 2010

Bridge Over Un-Troubled Waters

This week’s Round Robin Photo Challenge is:


“All around the world there are bridges, in all shapes and sizes, ages and colors. Bridges connect two places, enabling something to pass safely over something else; but the details vary wildly. It can be a little wooden foot bridge over a three foot-wide babbling brook, a drawbridge, a railroad bridge, a stone bridge carved out by the forces of nature, or even that big Golden one over the Bay that our friend Carly loves to capture with her camera. Wherever you live, I can almost guarantee there’s an interesting bridge somewhere nearby to photograph.

But just in case there’s not, feel free to explore alternative meanings of the word. Photograph the bridge of a nose, a game of bridge, or even something metaphorical, such as a bridge between two cultures.”

I love bridges. Bridges of wood…that go no place in particular (Peace Park, border US and Canada)

And bridges of stone…

I love sleek new bridges, with amazing features, like the Sundial Bridge in Redding, CA
and older bridges, like the Tower Bridge in London…

Did you know that the London Bridge is no longer in London! It is far, far away, in a very interesting place…Arizona!

I looked through my files and found many, many photo of bridges, taken near and far, long ago and quite recently. I think my fascination with bridges has been long-standing. LOL…I couldn’t get a good shot of the bridge itself, but I’m such a geek that I shot the dedication plaque of this unique bridge in Maine when I was there…it connects Orrs Island and Bailey Island.





This bridge is the only surviving granite cribstone bridge in the world. It’s an engineering marvel from 1927.

If you’d like to see other bridge photos, or other interpretations of this theme, please go visit the other Robins!


  1. OH I love that photo of the rock bridge! So unusual. Would love to know more about it! The other bridges are wonderful too but that rock bridge really caught my eye!

    from the Heart of Texas

  2. You have some lovely shots! I honestly don’t know that I’ve ever taken a photo of a bridge though…

  3. Tower Bridge has always been a bridge of interest to me. The other bridge that has always facinated me is the Rialto Bridge in Venice. Both are beautiful and captivated my imagination. =) BTW, I posted a photo of the London Bridge in AZ in my entry.

    I enjoyed your entry immensely, thank you!

  4. What great bridges—I especially love that stone bridge. So unique!

  5. That Peace Park shot is so lush and beautiful (nice bridge, too!). But I really love the stone one and the Tower Bridge shot.

    I’ve been to London Bridge in Lake Havasu. I think we accidentally lost most of the shots we too of it. I’ll have to take a look! London still has plenty of bridges, though!

  6. That bridge of stone looks more like an arch! does people still cross there? Love that London Bridge’s shot.

  7. I remember standing on that Peace Park bridge with my family as a kid. You’re in the US! You’re in Canada! Quick, shake hands! Switch sides!

    Beautiful park, absolutely beautiful.

  8. Great photos! I especially like the half-circle stone bridge and that great shot of Tower Bridge in London!

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