Posted by: scrabblequeen | October 11, 2010

Weekend Report

I had an awesome weekend….and I hope you did, too. Let’s share stories, ok?

Friday morning started off with my very small group Bible study. Three of us are doing
Beth Moore’s “To Live Is Christ” , which is about the life and ministry of Paul. Good way to start the weekend!

When we were done, I sped home to finish my packing, loaded the car, and proceeded to collect Margaret and Lisa before hitting the highway. Our first stop was lunch, in Natomas, at the Panera Bread cafe. This was followed by a quick trip down the road to Shelby’s Place….my second visit in a week! We had to go, though, because Lisa had never been there before…it was all for her sake….really…..

After an even quicker (I think) stop at Kohl’s to get some tissue for my White Elephant gift bag, we began the trip up to…..Mt Hope, of course. 🙂

I love travelling into the foothills…especially in spring or fall. The scenery is beautiful. I didn’t take any photos on the way up or back this time, but here is one from last year…just to put us in the mood.

Our arrival at camp was just early enough for us to check in, get our room assignments, and fix our beds…so that later, when all the fun was over, we could just go fall right into them. Then dinner, with all the ladies (hi, hi, hi…so good to see you!), which was delicious (as always) ,after which we strolled down to the little chapel for our first session of the retreat.

Special treat number one: Nora and Gina played music and led worship for the weekend. Both of these gals are special ladies and friends, whom I do not see often enough.

Our speaker for the retreat was Carole, the Pottery Lady.She is a very gifted speaker and a wonderful potter, and does both at the same time! So…while Carole spoke, she was also “throwing” pots…not at us, you understand….though she did throw some challenges at us over the course of the four sessions at which she spoke.

For more news of the retreat, come on back tomorrow….I have to go do what I’m supposed to be doing now!


  1. Well I think it’s amazing how some people can throw pottery but to throw and speak at the same time…sheesh, that’s talent.

  2. Beautiful trees! We don’t have much of a color show this year because we were so much drier than normal for so much of the summer and early fall. I think I’ve already shared what I did over the weekend.

  3. Looks like you had a really nice weekend!

    I received the books in the mail! Thank you so much! There was a bookmark in there too. Did you mean to send that? If not, I can send it back to you. It’s a dragon bookmark. Totally cute so if you didn’t mean to send it, I will definitely put it in the mail to you!

  4. Ruth, Check out this post by my friend Willow in So. Cal. I thought you might be interested…

    • Thanks Ellen, that looks very interesting.

  5. I tried a pottery class in college. I lasted about two weeks and then had to drop it: the wheel and the clay required a level of callouses I wasn’t sure I was going to ever get to. I have had a deep and abiding respect ever since for anyone who does that work.

  6. Beautiful autumn colours in your photo. I totally want to try pottery! I did some when I was a kid but only got 1 go on the wheel cause there weren’t many.

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