Posted by: scrabblequeen | September 26, 2010

The ScrabbleQueen Knits?

Seriously, I still do. Knit, that is. I’ve just been terrible about sharing it with you all.

For the past eight weeks I’ve been participating in a sweater class, taught by Becca, formerly of Knitter’s Playground, and also known as rockknitmomme on Raverly.

All of us are making top-down raglan sweaters of some sort. Some cardigans, some pull-overs. Some are long sleeved, some short, some are v-necks, some crews. Patterns of every description.

My sweater is a cardigan, with short sleeves made with Misti Pima Cotton and Silk in Lime Green. This is what it looked like last Tuesday.

The pattern is called Outlined Diamonds, and I found it the new Stitch Dictionary I got for my birthday. Since Tuesday the sweater has acquired one and half sleeves. Once I finish the second sleeve, hopfully tomorrow, I’ll go finish adding length to the body and then it will be done!

Project monogamy isn’t my strong suit, so last week, when I couldn’t stand it any more, I started a little cozy for my Kindle. It was a quick knit and therefore easily completed in just a few short days. This is the pre-felting shot of the “Wise Old Kindle Cozy”.

Miss Kindle’s cozy is knit in Noro Kureyon, in the lovely 188 colorway. Don’t you just love their color names? Sigh….

I also took the opportunity to finish a dishcloth that had been lingering in my knitbag since June. No photo, it looks like most of the cloths I’ve knit this year…same blues and greens Sugar N Cream cotton, same seed stitch pattern. Nothing to see here, move along….

And, last but not least, one knit back in the early part of Setember, when I was too tired to think, but still wanted to knit, I started another shawl for Chemo patients out of some donated Lyon Brand Homespun. It got some attention for a few days, but had mostly languished since then, while I have concentrated on my sweater.

Any day now, I’m going to have to drop the sweater like a hot potato and get busy with the size 7’s and a ball of cotton: DishRag Tag is in full swing, and my turn is right around the corner! If you’re tracking the race, I’m on the Doggone Dishrag Addicts team.

Still lingering in the bag…..the diagonal lace scarf I started back in July. Next up? A pair of socks from left-over yarn as part of a Read-a-long, Knit-a-long on Ravelry with the Frankensocks group, started by some local friends of ours. Bet you can’t guess which book we’ll be reading…:-)


  1. Everything is so very lovely! Your sweater is just perfect in hue and I like the diamonds. That Kureyond Kindle Kover (hem) is great too! Your chemo shawl also speaks clearly of fall to me…

  2. That little cardigan is great! I like the color, too.

  3. That diamond pattern is one I used for an afghan for my sister and her six boys one Christmas. It’s a happy pattern.

    Hmm, picturing dishrags with I-cord ties and call it a baby bib? With some shaping, or not. Hmm.

  4. The sweater is wonderful. Great fit and very very pretty!

  5. I need to finish a couple things so I can start something new. I’m having a hard time deciding on which project to start next. The shawl is going to be pretty. I like the stripes.

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