Posted by: scrabblequeen | September 25, 2010

Happiness Is….

Round Robin Challenge: Togetherness

This one should be pretty self-explanatory. Show us anything or anyone who is exhibiting togetherness, whether it’s a loving couple, siblings who get along, or cats curled up together. Or perhaps you have a more literal or more metaphorical interpretation in mind. It’s all good!

Sasha and Misty would like to deomonstrate “togetherness” for us

Sharing a pillow is happiness and togetherness all rolled into one!

This picture of the boys way back always makes me smile.

Hey, at least it’s more of a  friendly hug than a head lock! With boys, you just never know what you’re going to get!

For more “Togetherness” be sure to stop by the Round Robin blog for links to more interpretations of this week’s theme.


  1. Great togetherness photos! The boys look so happy and the pups very comfy on their pillow!

    Sandy from the Heart of Texas

  2. They are all very nicely together, lol !

  3. Perfect selections for this week’s theme. You have a very beautiful family.

  4. Love that photo of the boys!!

  5. Very cute pictures!

  6. Two excellent shots for the theme! I like that the dogs have their own “dogbone” pillow, and the way the older boys are posing one way and the younger one another, and yet they’re all “together.” Thanks!

  7. Great photos for the theme!!!!

  8. Good to see so many happy smiling faces – especially boys!

  9. I love those pictures–and in the kid shot, the boy on the top right has the haircut and glasses my older son did at about that age. Sure takes me back.

  10. Hehe, Misty is posed like you were bribing her with a cookie to get her attention 🙂

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