Posted by: scrabblequeen | September 15, 2010

Three, In Twenty-Four Hours

“Three what?”, you may ask. Indeed, what in the world is that woman talking about this time?!

Oh, yes….three seperate events of interest and/or emotional impact.

Event the first: Time- Tuesday night Place- Facebook

I saw a comment on one of my step-sister’s posts with a name and a face that made my heart skip a beat. The first name was the same…Kathy with a “k”, altho the surname was un-familiar. The face, though older, was right. I clicked on the name. The birthdate was right, too. It had to be her.
I took a deep breath, said a little prayer, clicked on the “send Friend request” button, and sent a personal message. And waited….

It worked!! She accepted my Friend request!! At long last, my sister, who for reasons probably relating to things which had happened in the long distant past, and only tangentially related to me, had dropped out of my life, was now ready to get re-acquainted. I Am So Happy!

Event the second:
Time- 8 am yesterday Place- home (and away)

My youngest son, who has recently gone off to college in SoCal phoned me with the proverbial, “I’m ok, but….” call. He was trying to be a good guy. He was driving to LAX(!!!!) in morning rush hour traffice to pick up a friend from school who needed a ride. He had been involved in a “minor” accident. He was “unharmed”, however, the car…..Thank GOD cars are repairable(hopefully) or replace-able (maybe). He is not!! Glad to keep him as he is. Wiser now.

Event the third:
Time-noon-ish Place- here!

The doorbell rang a bit before noon yesterday, which was unusal as I had no student scheduled at that time and we rarely get unexpected visitors during the week. The postman had left two packages on the doormat. One was from my friend in PA, and contained two books. One a return, the other something new (she hoped) for me to read. Nice.

The other….looked like this

See, Chan, no iconic picture on the box!! So, what was in the box?

Yes!! My Kindle came. It took me a while to decide that this device was/is something I can learn to love. What finally pushed me over the edge? Two things: Chan getting a Nook, and sharing about how cool that was, and my bookish friends and I discussing our book hoarding natures and storage problems.

Check out the screen saver, which changes each time it goes into “sleep” mode.

How cool is that? LOL…just lucky, I guess, that when I switched it on, then put it to sleep, that I got Jane Austin for my screen saver. 🙂

Obviously, much more has been going on around here than these three things, however, even though I am behind on posting several other important things, I just couldn’t see waiting on these.


  1. 1 and 3 are very cool and I’m glad your son wasn’t injured. Oye! Those L.A. freeways are a dog!

  2. I’m so glad that you noticed that GOOD things happen in 3’s! (and 4s and 5s and 6s…) Of course you count your son’s safekeeping as a good thing. I’m tired of people counting bad things in 3s-just waiting for the next bad thing to occur when I’m just sure that our Heavenly Father does thousands of nice things for us concurrently! And that kindle–oh my! I’ve been hesitant too, but that picture of Jane Austin may have pushed me over the edge…

  3. love 3, happy #2 is okay and wasn’t worse and optimistic for #1 that all will be healed—-working on those issues here my self!!

  4. Happiness is a Kindle. You’ll love it. Of course when you will be able to read all that you have put on it is another question!
    Congrats on getting in touch with your sister, and on having DS OK.

  5. Hooray! Must depend on which regional center ships your order (on the box and icon), huh?

    I do hope you enjoy your Kindle, that DS isn’t sore today or tomorrow, and that you and your sister have begun rebuilding something lovely.

  6. Enjoy! We’ve almost bought one I don’t know how many times over.

  7. p.s. And more importantly, congratulations and that’s such wonderful news re your sister. Wishing you both much love.

  8. yay! You got a Kindle! I love mine I’m trying hard not to go crazy buying books. I have read one book on it so far and I really enjoyed the experience except the map in the book was rather hard to see on the Kindle.

    I’m glad your son is ok as well! Scary!

    So glad you are reconnecting with your sister. That’s amazing!

  9. A Kindle! You’ll have to let me know how you like it. I find it hard to imagine on reading one myself, but I have yet to try it. Just don’t go too wild buying books!

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