Posted by: scrabblequeen | August 14, 2010

Changeable Weather Ahead

About The Weather….Aug 14 Round Robin

“Basically, we’re looking for anything to do with the weather. You can go for something subtle: colors of sky and qualities of light that we associate with hot or cool days. Or show us the most extreme weather your camera can find, or has ever found: blizzards, ice storms, hail, lightning storms, floods, serious fog, or the opposite: sandstorms, dust storms, or a day so hot that the air shimmers and mirages appear. Show us what you’ve got!”

(Click on any picture to “embiggen”)

For my first weather picture I’ve got a shot from June, when we were on Orkney. The clouds came and went all day, with wonderful, warm sunshine in between. Late in the afternoon, however, I looked up and saw big changes coming.

Next, a type of weather we see a little too often in the summer, here in California…I call it “fire weather”; Hot and Dry! This picture is from June of 2008, when we had so many terrible fires all burning at once, over 1500 of them!! They burned for weeks, and the air was thick with ash and smoke…making things take on a very distinctive reddish color.

In August of 2008 I captured the weather this way…

105 the shade!

To finish up, I love this shot of the black sand beach on Hawaii…This is very near South Point, where the confluence of ocean currents makes for very strong waves and wind. It’s so windy, that someone got the great idea to have a wind farm here! Strangely enough, altho it was plenty “breezy” while we were there, none of the windmills were working.

Fro more great weather photos, be sure to visit the other Robins linked at the Round Robin Photo Challenge!


  1. These are all great specimens :0)
    Love the layer of low clouds creeping up to that farm.

  2. I notice that thing ran out of colors after 120 degrees. Makes sense to me.

    • LOL…so glad THIS summer has been short on weather in the red zone!! Ruth

      The ScrabbleQueen

  3. Some interesting shots here, it’s always nice to see other parts of the world. Love the ‘fire weather shot’.

    Have a great weekend.

  4. Enjoyed your pictures–such a nice variety of different weather conditions.

  5. Hi Ruth 🙂

    Great photos for the challenge, but the one of the red glow through the smoke really caught my eye. It reminds me of one I took in Tilden Park here in Berkeley a couple years back. We in California have been lucky so far this year, we didn’t escape completely, but we fared much better then in other years! And yes, August of 08 was HOT but not this summer, at least here in the Bay Area.


  6. We’re expecting rain today, but Mr Sun will still show itself after that. Averaging around 84 F today.

  7. Great photos! We have a nice little cool snap… thanks to clouds and showers. Hooray!

  8. Nice shots. I need to go thru my photos and find some weather pics. I should take some new ones, too.

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