Posted by: scrabblequeen | August 11, 2010

Linde Lane (part 2)

I’ll pick up the tale of our trip to the Linde Lane Tea Room with a view of the menu and sevice. All three of us gals chose the Duchess Tea, which features:

Sorbet with shortbread

Scone with clotted cream and Jam
Two assorted tea sandwiches
Assorted pastries
Fresh fruit
Pot of Tea

You’ll notice that I didn’t get a photo of the scones…we had a one o’clock sitting and were all too famished to think of pictures before we devoured the scones, which were in fact, wonderful.

All three of us chose different teas to enjoy with our meals. I, being the boring one of the group, chose a nice Irish Breakfast. Amy had the Orange Spice, and Margaret, being the most adventurous, had the Gold Rush, I think…

The loose teas are kept in gleaming copper tins, kept at a lovely bar near the front, where one can go and sniff-test the teas before choosing one to drink.

The service was very good. We were never kept waiting for very long at all, either in the beginning or between courses. All of our requests were happily complied with by the staff, who were all very pleasant and helpful.

The only negative thing I can identify about this experience, and it’s not something that would be an issue for everyone, is that the whole “tea” was a little on the sweet side for me. I don’t do well with all sweet things in general, and was rather hoping/expecting that the sandwiches would proved a much needed break between the scones and the pastries, but they really didn’t. One little sandwich was on a cute, round dill muffin sort of thing, with cucumbers and the other was on cinnamon-raison bread with apples and a “sweet” cream cheese. No protein…for me, a problem. For others, not so much. However, I did over-hear a converation between some other ladies and the owner? about this isssue, and they assured her that they would be adding more savory choices as they were open longer. Yay….I really DO want to go back!



  1. Sweet is a bad thing?! Really?! Huh. Who knew?

    Wait a minute though… in all sincerity, I don’t want a sweet cucumber sammie. I want thin wheat or pumpernickle bread and plain cream cheese, nothing else with the paper-thinly sliced cucumbers, thanks!

  2. It really looks like the perfect building/architecture for a tea room. Savory is good!

  3. Everything looks yummy, but I’m with you. All sweets is too much!

  4. Normally, I’d agree with that ‘sweet/savory’ issue. However, I’ve been trying to stick with a high protein diet for a while; and those pastries look so luscious that if I could reach through the screen and grab one I would.

  5. That tea bar says to me “you must not go there lest you leave with an empty wallet”. I swear I nearly drooled at that picture.

    I like sweet, but that try did look awfully sweet/sugary. More savory would be a good thing.

  6. That is such an awesome little place. Glad to hear they are headed up up up! Can’t wait to hear about your future adventures there.

  7. […] made and were very pleased with what we found!  (You can read about our first visit here, here and here -last two links are from Ruth’s […]

  8. I did not eat at Linde Lane, but was allowed to walk around and look at everything. (I was going to see the dentist upstairs)
    It is an amazing little place.
    When I admired the chandeliers, the owner pointed out to me that she’d had them custom-made. There are little teapot shaped crystals on some of them!
    Also, as Halloween is nearing, all the teddy-bears that are encased in windows on a back wall are wearing little costumes.
    ** note about the menu – I took a little menu card with me and see that they do offer a Soup De Jour, salad, and a ravioli dish.

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