Posted by: scrabblequeen | June 10, 2010

Gone Visiting

I’m off visiting friends for a little bit, so things may be a bit slow around here for a while.

Today, I met up with Chan in DC. We spent several nice hours together. We ate, we talked, we shopped, we forgot to take pictures. It was a true bonding experience, which is to say, we both bought…! What, did you think I was going to say yarn? LOL…not this time. No yarn stores in sight.


  1. Have fun and watch out for Politicians!!

  2. I’m wearing mine today. Comfy and cute! I’m content.

    May the rest of your adventures be fun and see you safely back home again.

  3. Oh sounds like a lovely day. I can’t wait to meet Chan AND in DC – sounds like heaven!! g

  4. Are you kidding? Loved that pic!

  5. That does sound like fun! Not!
    Have a great time. I’m looking forward to wonderful pics and hearing about the good times.

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