Posted by: scrabblequeen | June 8, 2010

Done & Done!

Done one
From October 16th until June 3rd, that’s how long it took me to finish the Best Friend’s scarf. Eight months….that’s ridiculously long for what is really a nice, easy scarf. I suppose it would have helped if I hadn’t kept setting it aside for other, more pressing, (or more interesting at the moment) knits.

Best Friend Scarf

Details are:
Yarn: Online Linie 5 Corafino (just shy of two whole skeins) about 350 yds Merino/Microfiber blend
Needles: size 6 bamboo straights (Clover)
Pattern: Best Friend scarf by Cindy Bajema
Finished size: approx. 8 inches wide by 63 inches long after blocking

A great knit, really. I don’t know why I kept getting distracted, once the Holiday knitting and the February Lady sweater were done. I really like the Online Linie, too. Very soft, not very splitty. I used my blocking wires for the first time on this scarf. Definately an improvement over no wires!

Done two

The Bare Naked socks. My second pair of super quick, worsted weight socks, with a twist, this time.

Yarn: KnitPicks Bare Superwash Merino-worsted weight (65 oz, or about 143 yds)
Needles: KnitPIcks Options size 5, 32 inch cable, Magic Loop
Pattern: My own. Can you see what is “different” about these socks?
Size: Lady’s small

Here, check out the close-up

Did you see it? Yup. I knit these socks with a “Princess Foot”…or with the foot inside-out, if you prefer.
In the photo I have one sock showing with the foot inside-out and the other with the leg inside-out. That’s the fun thing about these socks. You can wear them either way, as you prefer!



  1. The color of the scarf is great! Congratulations on finishing!

  2. Love them both! I suppose I will knit on the train on Thursday…

  3. Congrats on both! Are either destined for you?

  4. Hey Ruth….wow…those are both really nice. Someday I’m going to really practice knitting. Your stuff makes me really want to try. Are you not hanging out much on Shelfari anymore? I feel like I don’t see you very often on there anymore.

  5. The scarf is so pretty! The white socks would NOT stay white with our black lab in our home! Still, they look very nice.

  6. I needed to see a picture of a pretty lace scarf today. I have multiple people I owe one to, and I needed the motivation. Just seeing an FO, proof of done-ability, was just the thing today (staring at a ball of yarn here). Thank you!

  7. I think I knit that scarf too and you just kind of reach the point when you’ve seen the pattern and want something else. I should add it’s not just this scarf that does that. There are only so many pattern repeats you can do before it becomes tedious.

  8. Lovely scarf and neato socks.

  9. Really like the scarf and the color. The socks look great too!

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