Posted by: scrabblequeen | May 12, 2010

Spring Fever

Achoo! That is a familiar sound around my house in the spring (summer, winter, and fall). Around here, we all have allergies, including the dogs! Tuesday, the chewing and scratching reached such a level that I couldn’t take it any more…so, the poor little doggies got doses of Benadryl.

It worked wonders on the itchies, but it left the grrls more than a tad sleepy.

Sasha, who normally stays awake most of the day, spent her time split between the dog bed in my teaching area and the dog pillow on the sofa…. Misty, who sleeps a lot during the day anyway, was less noticably affected by the antihistimes.

The problem wasn’t really solved, however, as the itch-relief wore off before bedtime, and it wasn’t possible to safely give them anymore. Suffice it to say, the dogs weren’t the only ones who’s sleep was disruppted that night.

I felt rather guilty for giving the dogs each one capsule of the medicine, since a half-tablet each would be more appropriate for their size/weight, but I had no tablets on hand, and they were suffering and so was I! Today, I got out to the store fixed that problem. Each fur girl received one-half tablet at bedtime. Hopefully everybody will sleep well tonight.

I know Chan’s dogs have allergies, and so do several other friends’ dogs that I know of…so my question is; are dog allergies becoming more prevalent? And if so, why?


  1. I wish Benedryl made my dogs sleepy. I don’t notice a drop in their energy level even with a couple tablets in them.

    Yes, I think the the extra pollution we’ve put into the air and the ground have caused more allergies in the pet population.

  2. I don’t know that the allergies are more common, but I think we’re more sensitive as pet owners. Did you buy the babies children’s chewables?!

  3. I think allergies are becoming more common. They definitely seem to be more common when it’s dry. Hope the pollen passes quickly and your little ones stop suffering. That’s so rough. Are they reverse sneezing a lot? My dogs seem to do that a bunch when they have allergies. My old dog had a foot licking problem from allergies (I think anyway). I had to resort to wrapping his feet up with Neosporin on the sores!

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