Posted by: scrabblequeen | May 10, 2010

What The Heck?

It is May 10, 1:00 pm, in CALIFORNIA for Pere’s sake! It is raining hard and hailing, and the temp is a mere
57 degrees….

What is going one here? Hmm…it must be some more of that “global warming” we’ve been having all spring.

(Oh yeah, and mountains are getting more snow, chains required all over the place…)



  1. Hey, got your nice spring weather down here!!! Blue skies and sunshine. It got up to 90 today with only about 70% humidity. Warming up, but still nice enough to sleep at night and not sweat to death during the day.

    Sorry, you can keep the hail!!! :^)

  2. Heheh we stole it up here toooo! High of 15c today!

  3. Whoa! Hope your shocking weather subsides…
    We get to have some of your sunshine and warmth the end of this week…

  4. Daytime high in the 50s again here, but the hail went north of us, thankfully!

  5. Last week we had 90 degree heat in NH. And then last night it dipped down to near freezing. It’s been a really weird spring. Overall, things have been much warmer…my April flowers came in weeks ahead of their usual, and I have what are normally June flowers about to bloom now!

  6. I live in So Cal and I am cold! I used to live in the East and got ready for it. But here. What a whimp I have become!

  7. We were awakened this morning by the tornado sirens sounding. As much as I love spring, I hate tornado season.

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