Posted by: scrabblequeen | May 8, 2010

Land Or Sea?

This week’s Round Robin Photo Challenge is “Land or Sea”.
I was pretty excited about this because I have many pictures of both land and sea, then I realized that this fact is precisely what makes this hard! After much searching through the files, I’m going with Land.

For my first choice, because I couldn’t decide on just one….My husband’s favorite shot from my trip to Wales back in 2005. Taken at St. Fagan’s National History Museum.

Next is a shot of the wonderful, green land of Ireland, from our trip in 2008. When my friend asked me for a photo of the quintessential green hills of old Eire, this is the one I picked for her.

And finally, I took this picture of the road at Mt Hope Camp exactly one year ago today, when I went up for the annual Mother’s Day weekend Tea. Guess where I’ll be today? 🙂

Don’t forget to go visit the other Robins and see their interpretation of this week’s theme.



  1. These are all great – and I’m terribly jealous! I want to go to Wales and Ireland really badly. And where is Mt. Hope?

  2. Beautiful shots. I want to go back to Wales now….
    Mt. Hope looks like a great campground…

  3. Beautiful shots of Ireland and Wales! The emerald green of Ireland makes me catch my breath! Great job!

  4. Beautiful photos! Happy Mother’s Day!

  5. I would love to walk along that road in the camp ground, to enjoy the beautiful view there!

  6. All your images are beautiful but I really love the one of Ireland!

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