Posted by: scrabblequeen | April 21, 2010

Day Out (or Part Two)

Okay…picking up the story on Saturday morning; we slept in the best we knew how, which frankly, wasn’t all that late. Then we showered and dressed and piddled around until somewhere in the neighborhood of 10:30-11:00, when we checked out of the hotel.

Leaving our bags in the car, and the car in the hotel parking lot, we took off on foot, with camera’s in tow, for the “historic railroad square”. First order of business was brunch, as planned at the Omlettle Express. The food was delicious, the tea was hot, and the company was the best. (grin, gotta love a meal with Bonnie)

After eating we made our way around the square, stopping in at most of the shops as we went. As “luck” would have it, two places we would have gone looking for were right there! Cast Away was right across the street from the Omlette Express and was on my list of Googled yarn shops in the area. Lovely little shop, nice ladies, and decent prices, too, made this a fun stop for me. Bonnie even had some fun here, as they sell cute little puffy balls of fiber for needle felting in a rainbow of colors. Now, you all know that I don’t actually need any more yarn, but there was no way I was leaving there empty-handed, so happily some Silky Merino MMmmalabrigo left with me. 🙂

One of the fun things about “Railroad square” is the scattered statues of Peanuts characters. I got pictures of two different Woodstock statues and two different Charlie Browns. I bet the other characters were nearby, but somehow I must have missed them….

Flying Ace Woodstock


And of course, I had to take Bonnie’s photo with Conductor Charlie Brown

We shopped in thrift stores, furniture stores, costume stores, consignment stores, and possibly Bonnie’s favorite, the Scrapbooking store! We shopped until we almost dropped from exhaustion, before heading back to the car, and from there, back onto the highway. Luckily, we found a drive-thru Starbacks back on the highway in Petaluma, where a couple of Lattes and some water were just what we needed to make sure our day out wasn’t quite over yet.

We drove back through Wine Country and into Fairfield, where we stopped at Tuesday Morning (my first time) and Trader Joes. A very good stop, indeed. After one more quick stop we made our way to Mel’s Diner for some dinner, before heading home. I had promised to have Bonnie back by 10 pm, and I almost made it…but hey, a few minutes one way or the other doesn’t matter, right?

At the door, Brad, my computer Guru, met me with a bag of freshly caught Bass, already filleted!! How’s that for a fine end to a wonderful “weekend” away?!



  1. What a full, fun day! Your computer guy pays YOU in fish?! Nice!

  2. The “already filleted” is the best! :0)
    Looks like a great destination for your getaway. fun…

  3. come pick me up the next time you are going, it might be a little out of the way but I’ll pay for gas!!

  4. I love those Peanuts characters. What a fun place to visit.

  5. Sounds like a great expedition–and I love how green the hills are in spring.

  6. Sounds like a really great time. I was surprised to see how big the statues are. The guy next door to me has been giving me Crappie fillets. They are delicious! I bake cakes and pies for him. I saw him pull out with his boat this morning so maybe…

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