Posted by: scrabblequeen | April 19, 2010

Girl’s Night (and day) Out

This past weekend all the stars aligned for once, allowing my friend Bonnie and I to sneak off for a girl’s get-away. After a busy morning of work (for Bonnie) and class for me, we gathered up our things, fueled up my car, raided the bank, and hit the road!

Setting the GPS for Santa Rosa, we turned to the west, hoping to get off the Interstate before the Friday afternoon traffic got really nasty. We were not totally successful in that endeavor, but once we got onto State Highway 12 (mostly rural) we had an enjoyable drive.

Spring, brief as it is here, makes for lovely, fresh, green scenery. We drove past Napa, towards Sonoma, through rolling hills covered with vineyards and spotted with sheep and cattle. For those of you who think all of California is like Los Angeles or SanFransisco, sprawling cities and asphalt jungles of endless freeways, think again. Most of Ca is not like that! My California consists mostly of farmland, orchards, vineyards, pastures, and forests, with smaller cities and rural communities dotted here and there, connected by miles and miles of one or two lane highways.

Rural Petaluma



What you can’t see in these photos, is the dairy farm across the road or the vineyards spread across various hills and valleys. The view was so beautiful, and we found it quite refreshing as we cruised through mile after mile of what I think of as “real” California, with no hint of the high-rises of San Fransisco in sight, even though they are only a few dozen miles from where these pictures were taken.

We arrived at our destination, the beautiful Hyatt Vineyard Creek Hotel and Spa in Santa Rosa just in time to settle into our room before heading out for a delicious dinner of Halibut, asparagus, roasted beets, and potatoes, topped off with an incredible version of bread pudding, made with croissants and maple cream. Yum!

After dinner we strolled around the quaint old downtown square, which was right across the street from our hotel, peeking in windows and planning our “attack” for Saturday. Back at the Hyatt, we watched a few too many episodes of What Not To Wear, before calling it a night.

As this post is too long already, I’ll continue with Saturday’s fun another day.



  1. It is too bad people don’t see the real California too often :0)
    Sounds like a great getaway! Looking forward to more photos…

  2. So sad we didn’t get a shot of the vineyards, but that’s the way it goes. Have you recuperated?

  3. It’s so pretty this time of year! I was just basking, yesterday, with the coastal range and the reservoir below to my right as I drove 28 miles home.

  4. Sounds like a good trip! It’s funny that whenever I think of California, it’s always brown and never green. I don’t remember it being green at all even though I grew up in a rural part of the Central Valley. Unfortunately, even that is no longer rural. I nearly failed to recognize it the last time I drove by where our house used to be. If it goes on like that, there will be precious little rural left in another 100 years.

  5. Sounds lovely. And obviously, I got to read it HERE this time…

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