Posted by: scrabblequeen | April 10, 2010

Almost, But Not Quite….

Time for a new challenge! This time around, let’s celebrate the “Almost Photo.” This challenge was suggested by Steven, way back in 2007! Although he has been taking some time off from things, I am sure he won’t mind if we use his idea! The idea is quite simple, just show us a photo that could have been a great picture, but for some reason it just didn’t work out!

I had a rough time with this challenge, because I typically delete pictures that will never be used since they have a flaw of some kind. Luckily, it seems I missed a few…here and there.

My first “almost” photo is from a trip up to Apple Hill with friends in November 2008. I was up on the veranda of the High Hill ranch bake shop shooting out over the valley. The colors were gorgeous that day. It would have been a great shot….except for the power lines!

My second “almost” photo is from my visit to the Pemaquid Lighthouse in Sept. 2007. It was such a beautiful day, and up in the lighthouse the view was spectacular. Too bad the windows reflected so badly…



  1. They still give a good idea of how beautiful both views were…

  2. No blog of my own (though plenty of lousy photos), but had to write about Pemaquid. Such a great place. We camped up at Lake Pemaquid (Damariscotta) many times; loved going down to the lighthouse and sit on the rocks.

  3. Hi Ruth 🙂

    Oh yes, powerline! A foe to all photographers, unless, of course, you are setting out to photograph them! LOL. Apple Hill, where is that? Is that the one in California? I have always wanted to know more about that place.

    I like the second one. It is almost like the lighthouse is underwater somehow. Cool effect on that one.

  4. I hate powerlines too! So annoying for photos. One day I’ll be good enough at Photoshop that I can simply remove them like magic!

  5. Oh those are both great…I fell asleep for this challenge. Looking forward to the next one :0)

  6. Urrr! Powerlines! Don’t even get me started. I wished they’d bury these things in the ground.

    The second shot almost looks like a double exposure. I couldn’t tell what in the world I was looking at for a moment.

  7. Ruth, a couple of beautiful shots! Many a shot taken by me have powers lines ruining the shot! 🙂

  8. I have an accidentally double-exposed photo (our children won’t even know what that means!) where I had a picture of my children and nephews at the beach, superimposed over a picture of–an afghan that was a picture of the beach. Wool and waves crashed together.

  9. The power lines sure spoils the picture but the natural beauty surrounded the place is simply awesome.

  10. I really do not think it matters – in fact, you are more likely going to retain memories of the place because of the “errors” in the photo.

    It is what makes it unique and yours. Besides – unless you are trying to make a living at it, photos are for memory….

  11. Well, these are still very good photos, even with the power lines and reflection. The power lines are kind of interesting the way they hang almost like spiderwebs. And the reflection in the second shot is almost like a bonus photo, an almost subliminal view of something that looks like an interesting photographic subject in its own right. Cool!

  12. Powerlines are tough for me, too, but most of my misses are because a dog turned it’s head just as I snapped.

  13. And isn’t it amazing how we can take a picture, and completely ignore the powerlines? Our brains just edit out the bits we’re not interested in!

    I really like the lighthouse picture. Without the reflection it’s a pretty ocean shot with a bit of railing in the corner. The reflection gives it much more character- implying the dangerousness of the rocks and protection of the lighthouse overlaying the scene.

    ..of course I have a lot of strong associations with ligthouses, having grown up on the coast. Have you heard the John McCutcheon song, The Old Brown’s Head Light?

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