Posted by: scrabblequeen | April 7, 2010

Dog-gone Dog!

At last, another Dogs On Thursday post!

This week, once the rain stopped, I was hoping to get a few action shots of the girls in the yard. This would probably have worked out better, if I had thought to bring the camera outside with me!

Our friend, Lu, has been busy helping us (as in doing the lion’s share of the work) put in a stone walkway from the sidewalk to the storage shed. Of course the dogs have been doing their own share of helping.
Sasha, in particular, has been busy inspecting the trench, doing a little digging of her own, and testing the stones as they were placed to make sure everything was “just so”.

Today, as the work was nearing completion, she was strolling up and down the new walk for quite a while. In fact, it was long enough, that I suddenly thougt, “I should get the camera”! So I did….

This is what I recorded…

Wait, Sasha! Sigh, no…off she strolled into the house. So I said, Dear, grab that little dog and put her back on the walkway, please…. And then, I got this…

And this……I give up!



  1. I love that last photo. Can’t explain why, but it delights me to no end.

  2. I love it. Why do we carry the camera around when there’s nothing to photograph, then leave it inside when the interesting things happen? I must get my act together one of these days.

  3. Aw I didn’t realize how little Sasha really is! Next to a full-grown man she’s a petite little one isn’t she!?

  4. I think she is doing exactly what she is supposed to, look adorable! Now she has pretty rocks to walk on and not have to step on that pesky mud and grass. 🙂

  5. I will follow along, but not join. I really messed you up last time (tea). Good idea!

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