Posted by: scrabblequeen | April 6, 2010

Busy, Busy, and A Wow!

This week is my so-called “Spring Break”, which means most, but not quite all, of my students are not having their classes this week. This means that I have a nice, relaxing week ahead of me, right? Um….that would be a “no Bob”!
Since this is my big chance to do things with friends, I have lunch dates, tea dates, cooking dates, and game dates planned. Monday, in addition to all the things I knew were going to happen, I got a lovely surprise.

I came home from my lunch date and grocery shopping to find a package on the porch. Hmm…I’m not expecting anything….I wonder what it can be? Oh! It’s from Grace, and it’s very, very light….Rip, rip, rip…it’s a beautiful, soft shoulder shawl!! Oh, so pretty, and the perfect colors for me. I haven’t had time to get a picture yet…but if you can’t wait, you can check it out on Ravelry here. Thank you, Grace. I love it, and the timing was awesome…I really appreciate the lift just now.

Another lovely surprise came my way this week, in the form of a visitor. Lu, from Johannes, sent me a note asking if he could visit….and a do a huge job for me. Of course I said….YES! It has been so much fun chatting with him…and he got so much done today, that I actually believe the stone walkway from the sidewalk to the shed is going to be a reality, and soon. I didn’t get a photo of that either (not having a good photography week) but, Lu did, so I stole I mean, borrowed it from him.


  1. Hooray! I’m glad you have fun and productive busy ahead.

  2. Girl enjoy your hectic week of relaxation. That walkway is going to be nice!

  3. So you’ll get to throw your shawlette on on a brisk morning and walk outside and enjoy your new garden… Very cool.

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