Posted by: scrabblequeen | April 5, 2010

Book Review, or Two

Okay, first off, let me state right here and now that I am a terrible book reviewer. I’m not being modest, I just really don’t have the system down. I love a good review. I read several blogs especially because the bloggers write great reviews and read interesting books. However, as I’ve had a few requests for reviews of some of my recent reads, I offer you the following.

The Lace Makers of Glenmara: A Novel by Heather Barbieri

An American girl of Irish descent goes to Ireland after her life falls apart. The story is picked up on the road near the West Coast town of Glenmara, when a Travelor picks her up and takes her to the town. A small group of ladies who make lace become the focus …of the book, along with Kate, our Irish American protagonist, and of course, the village Priest and a handsome Irish fellow. I rated this 4 of 5 stars

My Life in France, by Julia Child with Alex Prudhomme

I listened to the audio book version of this for a total of ten cd’s and eleven hours, seventeen minutes and can say I enjoyed almost every minute of it. I was truly interested in the cooking and food parts, but was equally fascninated with the historical and cultural insights as well. I recommend this to other, like-minded readers.

The story takes us from 1948, when the Child’s first went to France to serve in the US Froeign Service there, to Julia’s decision to learn French cooking at the Cordon Bleu, to her collaberation on the now-famous books, and on to the tv show and future enterprises, right up to Paul’s death in 1994. (ten years before her own) In addition to colorful descriptions of Paris and various parts of France, we are also treated to a short view of post-was Germany, and Oslo, where they were stationed for a brief time before returning to the US.
I rated this bookd 4 of 5 stars

Julie and Julia by Julie Powel

I was disappointed in this book right from the beginning. Julie Powell is in love with the “f” word and uses it constantly from cover to cover. She spends more time telling us about her friend’s sex lives and dissing the “horrible Republicans” at her government agency than she does sharing about the cooking. Skip the book and rent the DVD. I think what makes the movie work so well is how much of the book they leave out, and how much Julia they add in! I rated this book 2 of 5 stars



  1. I simply have to order the Lace book, and get back in Netflix mode for J&J, the movie…

  2. Thanks for the reviews. I’d heard similar things about J&J the book, but I was interested in reading My Life in France.

  3. Thanks for the book idea on the Lace Makers. Like Chan, I will have to look it up. I listened to the audio version of Julia Child’s book, too, and loved it. She was such an interesting person.

    As for the other book, well, it never interested me, and now I read your comments, I won’t cry any tears about passing it up.

  4. thanks for the reviews and the nudge to get a few posted myself!

  5. The Lacemakers sounds like a great book and right up my alley!

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