Posted by: scrabblequeen | March 4, 2010

We Have a Five Year Old!

Today is the fifth anniversary of our lovely little Sasha’s birth. We are soo greatful to have her. In honor of the day, here is a little bit of her story.

Back in 1996 I adopted a mixed breed mop of a dog whom the previous owner had saddled with the name, “Mopett”. By the time we had completed the two hour drive home with our six month old pup, she was re-named, “Wee Bonnie Lassie”, forever after know to all as simpley Bonnie.

In due time Bonnie presented us with three little black puppies after her tryst with a handsome (black) fellow by the name of “Dude”. One puppy remained with her mother (Misty), one puppy went to live with a friend of Dude’s, and one pup went to live with a friend of mine. (Gracie)

Again, time passed, and Bonnie suddenly crossed over the Rainbow Bridge while we were away. Misty was heart-broken. She had never been an only dog before and didn’t know what to do with herself. She became something less than a dog at that point. So, to help her out, we bred her, hoping that pups would be the answer to the problem. We would keep one of them for company for her, and give the rest away again.

Sadly, Misty had a doggie miscarriage halfway through the gestation time. We tried, without success, to locate a small pup or young dog that we could adopt for her sake. No luck. Largly due to the cost of small breed pups. We love our animals, but $500+ was more than we could afford to pay for a pup. This is where Gracie re-enters our story.

Gracie’s people wanted to breed her to a certain dog. Before this could be accomplished, the daughter of the house’s boyfriend’s dog um, “dated” Gracie. On March 4th, 2005 her pups were born. One big, relatively speaking, black male, and one little, tiny black and tan female.

Having heard of our pup-less plight, Gracie's mom called me up and offered me the little female. Yes! A puppy of the right size for Misty, and my grand-dog to boot! And so, five years later we, here we are! Blessed to have two adorable dogs, who make us, and each other happy.

Last night, Sasha was celebrating early…with the nice, big bone she dragged out of her toy bed. No, it's not a new bone, but seriously, she doesn't care at all. She may just get a new marrow bone today, though…just maybe. 🙂

Okay, that picture was for “cuteness” which is off the scale. The next one is to show how “fierce” she is with her bone! We know who’s boss around here!

Happy Birthday, Sasha baby….we love you!



  1. Happy Birthday, Sasha!

  2. What a wonderful story. They’re very social animals and really enjoy the company of their own kind. How nice that they’re related and best friends.

  3. Aww, what a nice story! Dogs are such social creatures, it is so nice to hear how happy they are together (and so cute too!)
    We need to acquire a dog soon so I hope we have a similar happy ending.

  4. Happy Birthday Sasha! You get that bone and tell it who’s boss!

  5. Happy birthday, Sasha! What a great story. I’m so glad it all worked out the way it did.

  6. Happy Birthday Sasha!!! Kisses from Bailey and Puddles too!

  7. That is drop dead cute! I am literally melting here! My eyes are misting up. … no pun intended. I am so happy it worked out for you guys getting your furbabies.

  8. Happy birthday, little cute one!

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