Posted by: scrabblequeen | February 25, 2010

Happy DOT!

For this week’s Dogs On Thursday, The fur-girls and I would like to address the issue of grooming, and groomers.

We’ve been using the same groomer for years. We loved her, she did a good job on the dogs, and things seemed to be working out pretty well. We’d had other groomers before, and let’s just say, things didn’t always work out the way we would have liked them to.

However, for about the last year, we’ve noticed that girls come home clean and clipped, but not always as neatly clipped as one might hope for. When I asked the groomer how things were going, she indicated the Sasha wasn’t cooperating much at all, and that Misty had a few small issues as well. She was doing the best she could, under the circumstances, is what we came away with after our chat.

Well, I knew we needed a change, but one thing and another conspired to keep pushing that change off, “just one more time”. Until this last time. Then, I had to go to my friend who owns the mobile grooming service and BEG her to come soon! We had sent both girls to the “old” groomer at the end of January. Misty came home cleaned and clipped, although a bit ragged on the legs. Sasha, on the other hand!!!…..Sasha was clean, but it was nearly impossible to tell she had been clipped at all.

Can you see the difference in the girls’ coats? Misty is clearly not “fluffly” and Sasha clearly is! It got much worse over the next several weeks, until she looked like an over-sized dust bunny laying around the house. My friend finally found an opening for her, and today, Sasha is back to her little, cute self!

I included the adjective, “little” in the last sentence because after she was groomed, Sasha appeared to be a much smaller dog than before. I figure she is about six inches smaller in diameter now than when she had all that fur around her. But it’s not just me, several people who come here often (students) made comments about her size since we cipped her. 🙂

So, I guess the moral of this story is: pay attention to your dogs. They weren’t happy/comfortable with the situation at the old groomers anymore. The other dogs there, and being put into cages before and after it was “their turn” were stressing the poor things out. We think they will do much better with the mobile groomer, who comes here with her fully equipped trailer, and takes one dog at a time to do her magic upon. Sasha looks great now, and neither she nor Misty were freaked out by the experience. That’s good enough for me! Welcome to our doggie family, “Lisa the new groomer”.


  1. They do try to tell us what’s going on, if we only listen.

  2. I have a new groomer for Sadie, as well. The old one told me she had to charge more because she was bad, but this one says she behaves just fine! She looks better, too.

  3. Wonderful! I’m so glad Sasha found someone who understands her. As you know, we had the same issue with our former vets. Lovely people, but they weren’t on the right page for Sis. We’ve shelled out a lot of money for the every two week visits since December, but Sis is finally on the road to healthy!!

  4. She does look much cuter well-groomed. Thanks for making me smile with that dust-bunny analogy!!

  5. I drive Husband crazy because Sophie has a mobile groomer. She is greatly expensive, but spends an hour here and I give her a huge tip. Perhaps it is the tip ($20) Hub scoffs at, but I so appreciate that my doggy does not have to wait in a cage for her turn. I have been doing this for a long time, but now it is really good because I can no longer drive.

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