Posted by: scrabblequeen | February 19, 2010

Knitting Blog, Really?

I really wanted the title of today’s post to be “It’s Done!” with all caps and lots of exclamiation points, but, that would be stretching the truth ever so slightly, so I opted for Plan B.

What is “it” you ask? Well, do you recall, way back in October, when I started knitting a February Lady sweater, in a mini KAL with Lisa? NO? Well, no surprise, I suppose. I haven’t posted about it very often in general, and not at all for quite a while. So, anyway…..I finished the knitting!

Wednesday I knit the last rounds, bound off the final stitches, and wove in the ends. That sounds pretty finished, doesn’t it? Sigh. Yes, but not ALL finished. It needs blocked. It needs buttons. Still not there yet. Until it has been blocked, I still don’t know who’s sweater this little lovely will be. In it’s current state, it its clearly not for me. But I’m keeping my fingers crossed, and hoping against hope, that after blocking, it will be mine.

So, just to give you some idea of what I ended up with, I have pictures with a beautiful friend modeling the almost-finished object. Without further ado, I give you….M’Lady.

Details: February Lady sweater by Pamela Wynne. Knit in Cascade 220 Superwash in the Pumpkin Spice colorway on size 6 and 7 KnitPicks Options. Time to knit, almost exactly four months, including time spent just sitting in a bag waiting for me to not be busy with holiday knitting and other obligations.

Verdict: I like it. It was a relatively easy pattern to follow. I made minor changes mostly, except for knitting the bodice in stockinette instead of garter. Love the yarn, the needles, and the easy lace pattern. I might try this again, especially if this one doesn’t end up being mine. Maybe….it could happen. 🙂



  1. Pretty! I like the color…
    Hats off to your nice model :0)

  2. Ruth! Block that bad girl and make it yours! color is lovely! miss our games but will be home Monday 🙂
    So glad you finished.

  3. It’s beautiful! And I’m chuckling–I know how that goes.

  4. And yes, I have a FLS on needles too that needs to be finished!

  5. Ruth, this is so nice. I attempted a mini one in a pretty color too, and that did not even make me want to finish it. Perhaps one day when the concept of the pattern sinks into my brain. You did a nice job and the color is so nice, too.

  6. I think it is wonderful—now I am inspired to think about making one!

  7. Oh, I like yours in stockinette SO much better… Maybe I will actually knit one for myself some year…

  8. You should definitely knit another one for yourself! The stockinette stitch and colour was a good choice. Looks really nice!

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