Posted by: scrabblequeen | February 13, 2010

Childhood Memories

The current Round Robin Photo Challenge is Childhood Memories. The official introduction reads like this:

Okay folks, get out your skates, and skate keys, your teddy bears, and your Matchbox cars and your imagination, of course, and take a giant step back in time to childhood. Simon says, share with us what you enjoyed in those carefree days so long ago. You are only limited by your imagination with this one, so why not let it out to play? Show us your Childhood Memories!

I don’t have any of my childhood toys anymore, but I do still have some memories! My eldest brother, who is sixteen years older than I am, took these pictures when I was about six.

First, me, with my beautiful mud pie!

Next, my brother “Bill” who is probably about eight here, with his mud creation

Do you remember being young enough to like playing in the mud? I’m afraid I don’t. What I do remember is how when we were young, my dad, my oldest brother, my setp-brother, and my sister’s boy friend all had little English sports cars, and often on the weekends they would all being them to our house and spend the afternoon “working on” one or more of the cars. Of course, Bill and I were too young to help but we wanted to be where the action was, hence the mud pie pictures.

This last picture is my dad, as I still recall him looking on the weekends: head and shoulders stuck under the hood of a car! 🙂



  1. Looks like we had the same hair stylist :0)
    Love these great b&w
    the photo of your dad is classic…

  2. awww…love those mud pie pics 🙂 You still have that same sweet smile!

  3. I think old photos are so neat! I have a few of them in my entry today, too.

  4. Great memories and wonderful pic’s of you, your brother and your Dad! It’s so great to have pictures and memories of all that time that has gone by.

  5. I had the same hair cut as a child too … sounds like several of us did. =) Anyway, I enjoyed looking at the old photographs.

  6. Love the old pictures, scrabblequeen! I’m in the same hair cut club too.

    • I’m thinking it’s pretty funny we all had “bad hair” back in the day!

      The ScrabbleQueen

  7. Love the pictures. You all look so happy.

  8. Nice to see these old shots….lucky you have them.


  9. Love them! I’d like to be sitting in SAND right now. Warm, lovely sand.

    Did I mention it’s snowing again?

  10. I don’t have many of my childhood photos, most were kept by my mom, and I’m not sure if she still have them.

  11. Neat pictures! You are your brother both remind me of people I grew up with. I don;t remember making mud pies, but I loved to play in puddles. Does that count?

  12. Great pictures. I love looking back thru our old albums.

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