Posted by: scrabblequeen | February 8, 2010

Monday, Already?

Well, another weekend flew by with record speed. We had beautiful, warm, sunny weather, unlike most of my friends back east, who were enjoying (or not) plenty of snow and/or sleet.

I think this is going to be a Randon Monday post….

Thanks to whoever it was that added a vote for Misty and a vote for Sasha to those my family placed at MangoMinster. We never really entertained any idea of winning, so the girls are not devestated by the results. 🙂 They enjoyed the opportunity to compete and to meet some new friends, so mission accomplished!


We got the results of Misty’s biospy back; it was indeed a concerous growth. They took out the whole thing, so we don’t currently plan to do any other treatment, for which we all are most greatful. We will, however, be keeping a closer watch on the old girl from now, so that any re-occurence can be caught early on and dealt with quickly.

We had some real excitement on Thursday night/Friday morning….Daniel casually mentioned Thursday evening that there was water dripping onto my car…in the garage. As it was raining at the time, we thought it was a leak in the roof. NOT! Several hours later ( wee hours of Friday) Jim went to check on the water and discovered….lots of water on the floor of garage and a burst hot water pipe just above the water heater. Sigh. Only fix possible was to turn off all water to the house, and wait until morning to phone a plumber….and the insurance company.

Long story made short, over $500 to plumber to replace pipes, and as yet undetermined amounts of other damage. We’re still in the “drying it out” phase…but we do know a bit of sheet rock will need replaced for sure. I have to do some digging around to figure what the water on the floor damaged…

Knitting, reading, and watching….yes, I’ve been doing all three. I owe a knitting report…and will have it up soon, I promise.

Reading: January beat all my expectations for number of books read! I finished five books, which is three more than I had planned on. Two qualified for the Flashback Challenge. Little Women, which I’ve already reported on, and The White Dragon, by Anne McCafferey, which counts double. Once for the Flashback Challenge, and once for the Shelfari group read-along.

I also read two Darkover books by Marion Zimmer Bradely, (sci-fi) and the first two Stephanie Plum books by Janet Evanovich. I know that adds up to six, but I didn’t finish the second Stephanie Plum until after the 1st of February. I’ll try to write some reviews later….

Watching: I want to save this for a seperate post, too, so I’ll just say this; lots of variety, no football!



  1. Oh bummer! I hope you don’t have much more damage… I’m glad you figured it out when you did…
    Glad your cute little pup is doing better…

  2. I’m so sorry Misty’s biopsy was cancerous, but at least you caught it quickly. Is she healing up nicely, and done with the cone of shame?

  3. Like Chan, I am sorry to hear about the results of Misty’s biopsy, but glad it was caught quickly. Also sorry to hear about the leak.

    Water does reek havoc, doesn’t it? We are awaiting more havoc from more snow. Since Jan 30 we have had three snows totaling more than 36″ – including the 24″ from the weekend blizzard…now 12″ more. UNCLE already!

    Hope you get garage repaired soon!

  4. I’m glad to hear that (at the very least) the lump has been removed. Hope she heals up quick and is back to her old self.

  5. Sorry about Misty. Prayerfully she will be good from here on out. I like it that you are reading Little Women…me too. And I like to read Charlotte’s Web every so often. My favorite children’s book.

  6. Best wishes for a healthy, carefree rest of her life for her.

    We had a water pipe break under the house. Long story made very short, we ended up with a remodeled house.

  7. Eventful times… glad to hear that Misty is okay. And there are benefits to water pipes breaking in the garage…they tend not to have say, floors that can be damaged. (I had pipes freeze in the garage a few years back…sheetrock replacement and pipes (which broke in about 12 places), but no other damage).

    And Marion Zimmer Bradley and Anne McCaffrey! I think I still have all of them- well, all the older ones at any rate.

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