Posted by: scrabblequeen | February 3, 2010

Quick Up-Date

Misty is home and doing well. We won’t get the biopsy results till next week, probably. She has to be quiet for a few days ( right, with a CDIT!) and she will have to wear the ” cone of shame” whenever mom can’t be right there with her. Thanks for all the prayers and good thoughts!

Barks, Sasha (and Ruth)



  1. I’m glad Misty is home & doing good! Give her a smooch from me. 🙂
    Sending you all good vibes for good test results.

  2. Hello Ruth…I hope that Misty’s biopsy turns out well. One of my dogs, learned to crash against things to get out of that cone… I could not believe how quickly she would do such a thing. LOL!!! Last laugh on her as then I would muzzle her…Not something I like doing at all. Anyway, I will keep you and Misty in my prayers.

  3. and also willing her well and a speedy recovery.

    Have to admit, when our retriever wore her cone after surgery, I got some great photos……

  4. Keeping good thoughts coming your way.

    And Misty, Abby the Doberman found a way to bypass the ‘cone of shame’ and lick what she shouldn’t. I think she could have been a stunt-double on the “The Exorcist.” I hope you are not quite so resourceful.

  5. Wishing Misty very little time in the cone of shame, and hoping she’ll be quiet and well-behaved so you can make it so…

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