Posted by: scrabblequeen | January 30, 2010

Round Robin Challenge-Water

The topic for 1/30/10 is….Water.

That makes sense after the last challene, which was “fire”. Two of the traditional four Classical Elements. I wonder if “earth” and “air” will be coming?



I had two photos I really liked for this challenge and I couldn’t decide between them, so…
First, water in motion

Surf at South Point, Big Island, Hawaii

Second, water which is still-looking, and restful or reflective…

Rowboat in the Irish Fjiord

Don’t forget to go visit the other Round Robin photos, too.


  1. It seems that you have done a lot of traveling! How appealing your water shots are, each in its own different way. I have been to Hawaii and seen the surf there but I have never been to Ireland. That spot looks so restful. Nice job!

  2. I saw an actual robin yesterday. In California! I didn’t even know they had them here. My neighbor’s berry bushes are producing like crazy, whatever they are, and my finches have mostly disappeared from my feeder the last few days. Oh well, that should mean the males will be more brilliant reds later in the season.

  3. Oh, I can see why you couldn’t choose between them They’re both wonderful! I love the black volcanic short in the Big Island photo (I’ve got to get there someday!), but there’s something really special about that rowboat, the currents around it and the spring green vegetation everywhere around it. Lovely!

  4. That is one scary waves!

  5. I really like both of these shots! The first one is so powerful!! Beautiful…

  6. I’m so worn out right now that the tranquility oozing out of the second photo really appeals to me, even though you know I’m an ocean girl…

  7. I love the water pics. So soothing, even those nice waves.

  8. Very pretty shots! The water in the stream looks like it’s a painting since you managed to catch the stream so well.

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