Posted by: scrabblequeen | January 28, 2010

How To (A DOT Post)

Greetings to all you doggies out there in blog land! (and the humans, too)
Today, I, Sasha, Queen of the House, will explain How To Take Your Humans On Walkies!

Pay close attention now, you’ll want to make sure you get this down for future reference.
1. First, when the time is right for walkies, make sure you have the proper humans around. (I make sure mom or dad are here to either do the walkie or make the boys go out with us)

2. Sit nicely on the couch, or whatever throne you like best, and look really, really interested anytime someone says something or makes any kind of movement at all.

3. When they get up off their tails, jump up and bark like mad. Then jump all over your nearest dog friend and growl and snarl and act like you’re fighting. (Humans think this is cute)

4. If they move toward the stairs, hurry over to help them up to the room where they keep their skin coverings (poor things have very little fur) and make lots of noise to encourage them to hurry it up already!

5. Submit to the indignity of collars, harnasses, and leashes. I know it’s hard to sit still through all of that, but some things you just have to do.

6. Smile, since they are finally ready to do your bidding. Then escort them out the door and around the neighborhood, or where ever you favorite place for walkies is ! (Don’t let them forget the stupid bags, or else the other humans in the area get really ticked off)

Follow these simple steps for walkie success! Good sniffing to you. Now get out there and walk!

Barks, Sasha***


  1. Sasha, You forgot the about the part where you try to beat them to the stairs and occasionally knock them down in the process. Okay, maybe that doesn’t happen with you little dudes, but I’m a Doberman. Luckily, my humans don’t get tooooo mad when I do that. Abby the Doberman

  2. Sasha, I think you need to give my girls lessons. I read this post to them last night, and while Gretchen tilted her little head and was listening, Sissy hopped off the sofa and was heard checking the counters in the kitchen.

    No walks happening here. Daytime high in the 20s today, snow tomorrow.

  3. That sums up so well, Sasha. My pups are too old for walkies now, so tell your hoomans to enjoy it while they can 😉

  4. Oscar and Harvey could give them a run for their money. As soon as anyone makes a move to get up (even if it’s not for a walk) those two are up and pacing and barking and soooo eager!

  5. great pictures of the pooches!

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