Posted by: scrabblequeen | January 27, 2010

Misty The Magnificent

My apologies to any of you who been coming here expecting to see beautiful photos of myself (Misty) or possibly you were wishing to see Sasha (though I can’t imagine why). Mom has been going on about her computer being in the shop again, and not having my (our) pictures on any of the other computers. Aren’t humans silly? I mean, why aren’t my photos on ALL of the computers around here?!

Let me tell you a little bit about me. I was born way back in December of 1998 right here in this very house. There were three of us pups, all girls, all black. I was the most special pup of all, so I got to stay here and live with my doggie mommy, while the other two girls had to go away to other homes. I wanted to show you one of my baby pictures, but mom said they didn’t have digital cameras back then, so it’s not possible. I asked about scanned pictures, but she said, “do you know hard it is to take pictures of all black puppies?”

So, I have to settle for the oldest picture mom has of me, when I’m hardly a pup at all! I’m the slender, shiny, black dog and the pretty (but chunky) brownish one is my doggy mommy, Wee Bonnie Lassie.

When I was young I was quite a guard dog. I never let a bird, or a cat, or any other creature come into my yard. If any of them tried to come in, I’d run at them, barking my head off and showing my teeth, and they would run or fly away in a big hurry. Once, I actually caught a bird! I was so excited, and ran in to tell mom. She came out to see and was not nearly as excited as I expected her to be. Humans! Who can understand them? I got that stupid cat from next door once, too. I caught her in the garden when she thought I couldn’t get to her because of the gate being closed. Tee hee heee…..only downside to that was, crazy cat clawed me prety good. But I tell ya, she didn’t try to sneak into my yard for a long time after that!

I had a favorite toy back in the old days, too. It had been a Barney, which belonged to the smallest boy. Of course, after it became mine, it didn’t look the same…heh….no stuffing makes a really big difference. I carried it everywhere with me, and freaked out if I didn’t know where it was, especially if I wasn’t feeling very happy or good.

I used to be a very slim, active dog. I got to go places with the people all the time. Now, I stay home most of the time, except for walkies. I’m still in really good shape, but I like to fake the humans out and pretend I can’t jump up on the couch. Heh heh…make them help me up, and make a fuss over me. I have to keep them well-trained, and let them know who is in charge here, you know!

I’ll be happy to tell you some more about magnifecent me some other time. For now, I gotta go nap, so I’ll be ready for crazy barking at the door, the window, and anything that moves in my sight in the morning.

Woofs, Misty


  1. Thanks for sharing some of your story with us, Misty!

  2. Best use of a Barney, ever!

  3. You’re a cutie, Misty!

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