Posted by: scrabblequeen | January 25, 2010

My Friend

I’ve been sitting on this post for an entire week now. I wanted to share, but at the same time I wanted to savor the experience by myself for a little while… What, you ask, is the ScrabbleQueen blathering on about this time?

Okay, “let me explain, no is too much, let me sum up”…..

Last Saturday I drove down to Berkeley, with Hubby Dearest, to meet my friend Holly for the “first” time. How can she be your friend, you crazy woman, if you were meeting her for the first time?! Well, it’s like this:

Back in 2007 I signed up for Sockapalooza, my first knitting swap of any kind. I was a pretty new sock knitter, and to say I obsessed about the yarn and pattern for my pal’s sock might be just a little bit of an under-statement. I blogged about it a few times…then one day in June, I received a comment which started out like this,
“Welcome to the world of the normal, obsessed sock knitter.”
That was Holly. Yup, I went and looked it up! Since that time we have chatted back and forth via blog comments and emails, through children’s mile-stones, moves, job changes, travels, and knitting adventures.

I was pretty excited at the chance to meet face-to-face. I knew I was going to love her, but I was a little less sure that the feeling would be mutual. It was silly, but that is the truth. We met, we ate, we exhanged gifts, (I got great sock yarns in a nice canvas bag) we wandered, we talked, we knit, we drank. We bought books, used Sci-fi books, at that. We were comfortable together, as one might expect old friends to be. The only down-side to the day is that it was too short! I’m so glad we got the four hours together that we had.

And, to finish things off, we had our picture taken. We didn’t like it. So we did it again, and again, and again. We were never really happy with any of the photos, but we finally gave up. I couldn’t decide which was good enough to use for this post. Holly was in favor of none, but I want a photo (or two or three) to remember the day. Oh, and they’re all on my camera, so I win!


  1. Ya, meeting Holly! One of these days I’m going to meet her too.

  2. Hooray! I love bottom right, where you’re truly grinning, but top right is sweet with the mirrored head tilts…

  3. YAY! So happy you had a face to face with a long time friend…
    so funny, i must tell you…i was talking about knitting swaps with a (younger) friend who thought it was a neat idea…and told her about how i ‘met’ you through one a few years ago…and she said ‘oh is that your friend Ruth F—– from FB..I said yes and she couldn’t believe we’d never been face to face. She said she figured we were friends from like gradeschool or something. Just goes to show you…friendships have NO boundaries! Can’t wait to meet you in person someday! Love ya! So glad you had a wonderful day!

  4. oh…and ps…i too like the photo of the mirrored head tilts ;0

  5. Very awesome post!

  6. You never know when, how and where you will add friends to your walk through life. What makes it even more exciting is that they have the same interests.

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