Posted by: scrabblequeen | January 18, 2010

We’re In!


Sasha and Misty are going to Mangominster to compete for fun, fame, and cool prizes!

“We’ve sent photos of our lovely selves off to Mango and have been accepted as official contestants in the biggest dog show on the web. Mom has promised to let us have more control of the blog during the competition. So, all you humans and other doggies (even the Cat Dogs) will be getting to see lots more of us girls and our activites for while. Isn’t that good news? Barkingly yours, Misty and Sasha”

Our official entry photos:

Miss Misty, Chipooa Terrier Extraordinaire


Sasha, Yorkie Throw-back and Sporty Dog(mini)


  1. I’ll be rooting for them. You want I should have Biscuit put in a good word on their behalf? I’m sure she would ;P

  2. Hooray!! I need to get the girls entered too…

  3. Hey! Let Judge Norwood know when you post about yourselves because he is anxious to get to know you better. To find his blog, just link on the judges link in the sidebar of my MM blog. OK?


  4. Hey there…
    nice post! I see you get your terrier way around the house! Looks are deceiving! I know.

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