Posted by: scrabblequeen | January 8, 2010

Year In Review (Part Three!!)


Hah…this is the category which will go by the quickest! I rarely GO to the movies, and I have no way of tracking when/if I did so. Therefore, most of the movies I watched this past year were on DVD. Netflix tracks this for me…woot!

*We rented 65 DVDs last year, as a family. (There are several of those I didn’t watch. Boy stuff. Too stupid or too violent for me.) Many of those were tv shows, and many of those were BBC Mystery!

*My favorite new TV show is, hands down, Castle! Okay, so it’s almost my only new TV show, but still, I like it so much, that I got Season One from Netflix.

*I watch Jeopardy whenever I can, watch American Idol when it’s down to the Top Ten, and even put up with the final ten in Dancing With the Stars. I watch lots of Public Television, but especially Mystery! We still watch The Lawrence Welk Show on Saturday evening, when it’s on, and we love historical stuff, so documentaries (that aren’t politically slanted) and History Dectective get a view, too. (we don’t have cable, dish, or anything)

Favorite movies we watched were:

*Julie and Julia
*Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed
*The Spitfire Grill
*Miss Potter

I know for sure we saw the Star Trek movie in the theater, because that was just recently! We also saw the new Harry Potter. Other than that, I don’t remember anything. It is entirely possible I didn’t go to any other shows. I saw a few movies on airplanes…but none of those are standing out in my memory either. 🙂


  1. Wow. I don’t believe I went to a theater in 2009. I forgot to update my credit card info with Netflix last year so that’s out…

  2. I loved Julie and Julia and Miss Potter. I’ve probably seen less movies then you this year :0)
    The latest Harry Potter wasn’t my favorite. I didn’t think it compared well with the others…
    I’m amazed you know how many movies you rented!!

  3. I love Castle !!!! Nathan Fillion is my new heartthrob.

  4. I like Castle too. Good fluff. And just when Castle starts to annoy me, he does something redeeming. I also love BBC / British Mysteries. Who wants to go to the movies when you can watch Foyle or Midsommer Murders at home?

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