Posted by: scrabblequeen | January 1, 2010

The Year In Review (Part One)

It seems right and customary to look back on the “year that was” 2009….I won’t cover it all here, but I’ll make an effort to touch on a few highlights and a few things that interested…! Too much info for one post, so this will be on-going for the first week of January. 🙂


Projects Knit
52 completed projects are accounted for on my Ravelry Project page. There may, very likely, have been a few others knit that did not make the page. I’m bad that way.
Only three pairs of adult socks and one pair of baby socks this year. Sad. Also knit 3 Wee Tiny socks.
10 scarves, including the most-loved (by others) items I’ve ever knit: the Tudor Grace scarf for Donna knit in Lime green Silky Malabrigo.

18 hats! I think 2009 might have been “The Year of the Hat”

9 pairs of fingerless mittens, including, amazingly, a pair for me!

2 baby sweaters, and in what may be the big news of the year, I began a sweater for myself! It’s not done yet, it might not fit me, but I am quite proud of it none-the-less.

Two shawls were completed, one is still a UFO. Need to decide if it’s going to be finished or frogged.
One headband, one Cowl, and only one documented Dishcloth. I know there were others, but the number is unclear, as they are…..not documented!!

One baby blanket done, the other is still OTN…but I have a few days….( nearly done, with 1 1/2 hours to go)


A few things are still sitting around either waiting to be finished, frogged, or ?


  1. Wow! That’s impressive. I didn’t do many socks this year either, but it’s all good. Knitting is fun and relaxing, so whatever moves me is good!

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