Posted by: scrabblequeen | December 24, 2009

A King’s Treasure


Today Hubby Dearest, Son 4, and I drove to San Fransisco to see the “Tutankhamun And The Golden Age of The Pharoah’s” exhibit at the DeYoung museum. Very nice exhibit, a good time together, but horrible traffic on the way home. Ugh and shudder.

I saw the King Tut exhibit back in the 70’s when it first came to the USA. I remember the occasion quite fondly. My best friend Naomi’s dad arranged the whole thing. He drove a car-full of jr high girls into LA and if I remember rightly, he paid for all of our tickets, too. It was awesome and amazing! The entire collection was displayed in one large, well-lit gallery. We got to stand mere inches from three thousand year old golden masks and necklaces, and statues, and chairs, and even some ancient game boards. Truly one of the high-points of my younger years.

I wish I could say the exhibit at the De Young affected me in the same way. Sadly, it did not. The items were displayed in a series of small, dark, crowded rooms, and many (mor than half) of the artifacts were NOT from King Tut’s tomb, but rather from various other places. Most had some sort of connection to Tutankhamum, perhaps belonging to a relative or predecessor, and all were quite old, but…..the over-all effect was just not the same. I wonder….was it the exhibit or me? Things just don’t have quite the same glow they did when I was young. I wanted to be awed again, like I was when I was 13 or 14. Perhaps not a fair ideal to hope for. I hoped my son ( a mere 18) would be awed as well, but that was not to be the case either. Sigh.

All in all, we had a good day, and I’m truly glad we went. It’s too rare that we get to go to some cultural event with our kids these days. Now, I have tons of work to do to get ready for Christmas! Who’s idea was it to take a whole day off on Christmas Eve eve? Oh, drat. That was me, wasn’t it?



  1. Isn’t it a bummer when you’re looking forward to something you have fond memories about and it turns out not quite as good, for whatever reason? That happens more and more, but I still go for it every time.

    I’d like to see that exhibit.

  2. I keep hoping to get up there to see that. Even if it wasn’t perfect, I’m glad you got to go.

    Now, how to herd a whole houseful of adults into making a decision in tandem…

  3. Hrmph. Sorry it wasn’t “all that.” And now, I need to get moving; I have a lot of presents to wrap for today!

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