Posted by: scrabblequeen | December 13, 2009


Kings win, again. Such fun to go to the games this year with a talented, young team playing for all they’re worth. Nice to spend the time with Hubby Dearest too. And no, I don’t knit at the games. It seems too dangerous, in light of how excited we all get. 🙂

What others are saying:

About rookie point guard Tyreke Evans…Evans is on pace to join LeBron James, Michael Jordan and Oscar Robertson as the only NBA players to average 20 points, five rebounds and five assists in their rookie seasons. …

About Omri Casspi…..Paul Westphal, the coach Casspi speaks so glowingly about, explained why his confidence in his rookie is so high. “His work ethic and his intelligence are off the charts,” he said. “When he identifies something he needs to work on, he does and he improves fast. He’s a great competitor, very skilled, and quick learner, and those are all things that bode well for a nice NBA career


  1. Hooray! I have fond memories of UVA b-ball games with my father, long, long ago… when they were winning too.

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