Posted by: scrabblequeen | December 10, 2009

A Christmas Meme

A Christmas Meme
Have you started your Christmas shopping?</em>
Yes! I try to do most of it on the internet as I pretty much HATE crowds.

Tell me about one of your special traditions.</em>
After Christmas Eve service (a tradition of it’s own) we always go on a drive around town to look at Christmas lights. This occurs either just before or just after the lasagna dinner.

Are you a Black Friday Shopper?</em>
NO WAY! (unless you count going on the internet at 12:30 am on that day, which I DID do)

When do you put up your Tree?</em>
Whenever we get to it. This year, it was the first weekend of December…pretty early for us.

Do you Travel at Christmas or Stay home?</em>
We stay home. Hubby Dearest usually has to work all or part of the holiday.

What is your funniest Christmas memory?</em>

Funniest? I have no idea. Favorite, possibly. We used to go to a friend’s house ( “Aunt Jan’s”) every year for Christmas Day. They always bought a bunch of toys on Christmas eve, when they went on clearance. Everyone got a brown paper grocery bag with “their” toy in it, and the rule was that you HAD to play with it. I loved watching the stodgy adults “play” with their gifts!

What is your favorite Christmas Movie of All time?</em>
Muppets Christmas Carol

Do you do your own Christmas Baking, what’s your favorite treat?</em>
Yes. I usually make some cookies, some Pumpkin bread, some spiced nuts, and possibly some pies. My favorite? I have no idea….I love it all.

Fake or Real Tree?</em>
Either. I prefer a real tree, but sometimes we use our fake one. It takes less care, but doesn’t smell or look as good!

What day (as a mom) does the actual panic set in to get it all done?
Christmas Eve?

Are you still wrapping presents on Christmas Eve?
Absolutley! Always. Midnight even.

What is your favorite family fun time at Christmas?</em>
Singing Christmas songs around the fire.

What Christmas craft do you like the best?</em>
Christmas craft? I like to make Christmas cards…is that a craft? (I craft continually)

Christmas music. Yes or No, and if yes What is your favorite song?</em>
Yes! And I love them all. My favorite song is too hard to figure out. I have some favorite albums…

When do you plan to finish all your shopping?
Plan? People plan for this? It’s done when it’s done.

Let me know if you do this Meme so I can come read your responses!


  1. Maybe later. Right now, I’m getting ready for our work luncheon…

  2. Do re meme fah so let me go sing carols!

  3. I did it on my blog.

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