Posted by: scrabblequeen | December 8, 2009


I know lots of you will think I’m a weather wimp, but I’m okay with that!

Just before 10 am today


Yesterday, we were supposed to have a light dusting of snow early in the morning. No biggie, right? Wrong! On the average, we get a touch of snow about once every ten years around here. So, it got really cold, and if in fact the rain had fallen here, it would have been snow, but it skipped over us and fell elsewhere. Freezing temps, though, did stop here for several hours.

Last night we were warned to take precautions for plants and pipes due to expected freezing temps again. According tho this morning’s Bee, the overnight low was 27 degrees, which was a new record low for the date. But, that was Sacramento… is was more like 24 degrees. More of same tonight. Daytime highs in the mid 40’s.

This is California, for Pete’s sake! To us, this IS cold. My tree thought so, too….

Mostly empty tree, was mostly full yesterday!

Want to see the sea of leaves my “poor” son is currently vacuuming I mean mowing up?

The Sea of Leaves

Notice that most of the leaves on the ground are still green? That shows how suddenly that silly tree realised what was up, with regards to the season. No slow chilling to cause leaves to turn pretty colors here!
Where are my fingerless mitts, the ones that Lisa made for me?(mine are the green n brown ones) I need them NOW!


  1. I know how you feel..
    It’s quite brrry here too with highs below freezing.
    My So. Cal. sister was talking about braving the 45-50 degree weather at Disneyland tonight LOL!
    Stay warm…have a cuppa!

  2. Cold is always relative. I’m always tickled at myself in the early fall when 60 suddenly requires a sweater, knowing that come spring, 60 will require short sleeves and bare feet!

  3. My husband’s offer letter on the job out here promised, in writing, “No home delivery of snow,” knowing we were coming from New Hampshire and 75″ of the stuff. So far, only frost here and frozen pipes. Brrrr.

  4. Wow, that is a lot of leaves. My dogs woud love to play in your yard.

  5. Whoa! You’re having the same weather I am! In New Hampshire! That’s scary. Clearly getting out all the knitted things is in order. Curling up on a couch with a blanket, heat generating pets and a cup of tea helps too.

    (At least you missed getting snow with rain on top, which is *much worse* than just plain snow- it weighs a ton.)

  6. Oh, I feel for you, Ruth! It’s been cold here too the past week or so. I had to pull out my thick socks when the temp dipped into the lower 50s. ;^)

    Btw, your projects are beautiful! Well done!

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