Posted by: scrabblequeen | December 4, 2009

Ready To Fly

Although barely.


This photo represents where almost, but not quite all, of my knitting time has gone for the past couple of weeks. I showed you all a picture of the first scarf, early in it’s progress. The two color Brioche scarf lovingly known as Army scarf 1 for Ravelry purposes was begun on November 16th. The final scarf, Army scarf 3, was finished on December 1, fifteen days after the first one was cast on. For me, three scarves in two weeks was a lot of knitting. Smokin’! (OH yeah, I pulled off a pair of fingerless mittens in there, too.)

The scarves were all knit primarily or totally with Patons Classic Wool Merino, with a few dashes of color courtesy of Cascade 220 thrown in on the ends. Needles for both Brioche scarves,(1 & 3) were Knitpicks Harmony’s in size 9. The grey Scrunchable scarf used Harmonys too, but in size 8.

I thought that was an interesting tidbit, considering both patterns were knit with the same yarn. You can’t see it in the picture, but the Scrunchable (scarf 2) has a lovely couple of stripes at each end in a heathered green…kind of a loden color.

Verdict: I’m impressed with Patons Merino! It was soft, easy to knit with, has as much yardage as 220 does, and costs less. I didn’t have any issues with consistency of thickness with the Patons either. Oh yes, I did/do have with the Cascade….For example, the hat which I am currently knitting in two colors of 220 superwash has huge issues with thickness. In a nutshell, the yellow is knitting nicely on the size 6 needles, the black is noticably thinner, and would do better on 5’s….or perhaps even 4’s!

Tomorrow I’m off to Mt Hope for a Cookie Exchange and Craft Day! This is to be followed by an incredibly busy Sunday. And Monday. And a usually busy Tuesday. Thank goodness I have Wednesday mostly clear to allow a bit of recovery time. Unless something else comes up….and you know it will!



  1. Brrr it’s scarf weather here (20 degrees right now)
    I love the way you wrapped them…

  2. I like Patons Merino, which they’re now just calling Patons Wool…

    Great job on the scarves. Don’t forget to rest and enjoy the peace of the season. 😉

  3. Lovely cozy scarves! What can be better?

  4. They all look good and I love you’re labels! I fail at lables.

  5. Aw what lovely tags you’ve created! I do hope they include care instructions. 🙂 I’m sure their recipients will LOVE them!

  6. Well done!

  7. great scarves, really nice work!!

  8. Those look lovely and warm. I really like your labels. I never thought of doing that. Maybe I’ll design some labels this weekend. Thanks for the idea.

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