Posted by: scrabblequeen | November 3, 2009

Go Kings!

kings logo

We now interrupt this normally mild-mannered blog, with it’s usual fare of knitting, tea, and dogs, for basketball season. I apologize for driving away any of my ‘gentle’ readers who couldn’t care less about the NBA. I’ll try to keep it to a dull roar and promise a minimum of grousing about the refs and how unfair life is. Really, I’ll do my best.

But, for the moment…….It’s Kings all the way!! Woohoooo…..we won our home opener! In overtime! No last minute melt-downs. Arco Arena rocked and rolled just like in the ‘glory’ days. I almost needed earplugs.
I saw several Israli flags in honor of Omri Casspi, one of our rookies, and the first Israli to play in the NBA.

Kings 127, Grizzlies 116 in over-time. Heh…ok, we’ll talk about knitting tomorrw…I promise.


  1. Enjoy your playoffs. Me? I’m hoping against hope that the Phillies can win TWO in NYC.

  2. Go Kings…
    I can give you that since the Sonics deserted Seattle…

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