Posted by: scrabblequeen | October 20, 2009

New Tea Blend!

Just an FYI, I’ve blended a new tea over at This time it’s a hearty blend of Irish Breakfast tea mellowed with Apricot and a dash of Peach flavoring. I think it will be quite warming on a chilly autumn or winter’s morn. (or eve for that matter)

Look for Irish Summer Bounty featuring my original ‘artwork’ (read photo)
cliffs of Moher
While you’re there, why not also check out my original Signature Blend, Golden Summer.
A refreshing blend of Black Teas (Assam and Ceylon) and natural Blueberry flavor. Perfect for a summer day or for evoking the golden memories of summers past.
lighted gazebo
Or for you who want/need de-caf, you might like Grace’s Signature Blend LovinComfort Tea.


  1. I’m pretty sure Nichole (lapdogcreations) has a custom blend too. I’m just not that creative, but I’ll have to try all of yours!

  2. thank you for the plug!!! How sweet of you!

  3. Irish Summer Bounty sounds delicious.

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