Posted by: scrabblequeen | October 19, 2009

Autumn In California

On Saturday, September 26, the day of the Walk For Life, it was 102 degrees….naturally. One week later, on October 3, we attended an outdoor, eveing wedding, and were quite chilly in the breezy 60 degree temps that settled in early that evening. One week, forty degrees…how typical of Northern California!

Moving on one more week, I drove ‘up’ to camp for a Lady’s Retreat expecting to experience cool temps and to enjoy fall colors. It was beautiful! Daytime highs in the 80’s and limited ‘color’ in the foliage.
liquid amber 1
Notice how green the Liquid Amber trees were on October 11th? I was expecting something more like this, which was taken six days later!
liquid amber 2
What caused this spectacular change to occur so quickly? My best guess would be the massive storm that blew through the north state on Tuesday, Oct. 13th.

Yeah, that’s California for ya. From 102 degrees to highs in the 60’s and bone-dry to flooding and mud-slides in three short weeks!

Furthermore, it’s been raining off and on since sometime last night and the news is showing snow on the roads in the Sierras. Early snow is bringing with it high hopes for a good ski season. None of this means a thing, however, as it may yet be in the 80’s on Halloween; not an unusal situation here in the land of fruits and nuts. 🙂


  1. We’re having crazy weather over here too, but our leaves aren’t so spectacular.

  2. That is some beautiful color and the change was so quick. Lovely shot. Now that is one thing that I miss as far as Halloween in the state of Washington compared to So.Cal. We never got rained on in California for Halloween and our costumes didn’t have to be waterproof! :0)

  3. Gorgeous colors. We had a rather chilly day yesterday, but it warmed up nicely today.

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