Posted by: scrabblequeen | October 13, 2009

Overcoming Obstacles

That was the theme of the retreat this past weekend. I had to overcome a few obstacles just to attend.
I feel, however, that it was all worth it as I enjoyed the time away very much.

(long post warning here….fortify!)

Mt Hope was beginning to put on her Fall finery…
color 1

color 2
Many friends were present; ladies whom I had met before at previous retreats, new friends met just this year, and some good friends who used to live locally but now call other towns home.
Gina n Nora
As always, the food and the fun were exceptional. Bingo with M&M markers, scrap booking, hiking/walking in the woods, and the nearly never-ending white elephant gift exchange were some of the highlights of the weekend.

I worked my fingers into cramped and swollen state to complete a little gift set for Tami, who is sadly moving away from Mt Hope in three short weeks. I had finished the hat and one mitten before I left home and had gotten the ribbing done on the second.
Tami hat 2

I stayed up late in my dorm room on Friday night to get through the charted part (not good session knitting) so I would be able to give Tami her gift on Saturday. I finished the second mitten just before lunch….which is when I suddenly noticed a teensy weensy problem: I had knit two right mitts!
Tami mitt

Sucking up, I determined to quickly knit another mitt, this time a lefty, and without using the charted pattern on the top of the hand. I worked on it in my free time (foregoing some activites) and got it done with enough time to spare that I thought I might as well knit another lefty to go with the extra right mitten.

That required a trip up the hill to the dorm for some more yarn…. While I was in room I thought I would just grab my white elephant gift and save myself another trip up the hill later. (pollen + cool night air = asthma) That is when I discovered that the lovely wrapped gift was still sitting on the table in my dining room. Sigh. Knitting the second left mitten had just become a necessity.

Long story made short….a nice lady (and her daughter in law) offered me a little tea bag holder and some pretty gold foil to use for my exchange gift, which I accepted gratefully, however, (yes, there is always a ‘but’ with me) I was determined to finish the mitt and include the pair in the package as well. I was nearly done with the main portion of the mitt by the end of the evening session…we had 20 minutes to prepare for the exchange. I managed to bind off the ribbing on the main part, but was not able to get the thumb done…so I just wrapped it up with the waste yarn still in place. 🙂 I figured I could put the thumb in after the party was over and give it back to whomever in the morning. (sleep? who needs sleep?)

There were many nicely wrapped bags and boxes (some seventy-two or three) and so almost the whole “game” went by without anyone bothering to choose the sad little package made up of a small gold rectangle stuffed into a Glad bag. Then, when it looked as though no one would select my gift, up jumps Megan (the daughter in law) and races over to the bag all others had ignored, grabs it, and races back to her seat. (this is against the rules, you know, because everyone has to show the others what they got in case someone wants to steal it).

So, we have a happy ending to a sad, sad story. Megan, a crocheter herself, was thrilled with her new mitts, and they got their teabag holder back too!
Megan H

This post is already long enough (maybe too long!) so I’ll just mention that the hat was Button Tab Hat with the mistake rib option, and the mitts were my standard recipe except for the snowflake chart borrowed from Super Easy Wrist Warmers by Terry Morris- (Sailingknitter)
The whole megillah was knit in Beroco Ultra Alpaca in the lovely 6290 colorway (think heathered blues) on size 6 KnitPicks Options.



  1. That’s a great hat and mitts. That young lady really wears the hat well. Very cute! Glad you had a fun get-away. Love the fall colors…

  2. Sounds like you had a fantastic time!! Lovely pictures and what insane knitting goals you managed to keep! But what’s a White Elephant Gift Exchange?

  3. Sounds like a great event… I am particularly interested in the “never-ending” white elephant gift exchange…
    I write a blog about white elephant gift exchanges…

    Would love to discuss your way of holding the party…


  4. Whew! Talk about deadline knitting! I’m so glad you had a great time.

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