Posted by: scrabblequeen | September 29, 2009

Wednesday Again, Already?

Oops, I’ve been MIA again. Nothing horrible going on, nothing exciting, either. I’m just busy with the normal stuff: Reading, knitting, working, and all the boring day to day minutia of life.

Reading: I’ve finished the first three books in the City of Ember series and begun a new mystery this morning.

Knitting: Still working on the Cotty socks, and searching out patterns for the next project, whatever it is.

Working: One class each of Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Geometry, plus a couple of tutoring students.

Learning/study: Beth Moore’s Esther study with a group on Friday mornings. (plus daily homework)

Watching: PBS mini-series on Benjamin Franklin, and the 4th disc of season 7 of Monk.

Listening: The White Album, Rubber Soul ( re-mastered cd’s) and Best of Genesis.

And, just because I like it, a picture of my youngest son and his buddy, taken in August at their friend’s Marine bootcamp graduation.
ty n dani


  1. Nice dose of randomness!

  2. Good-looking kids there!

    I’ve got a stalled pair of socks–if you get yours done, come send me some peer pressure, wouldja? Thanks!

  3. Algebra and geometry, yay! Geometry was always my favorite. I wasn’t thrilled about them as a student, but I use them just about every single day in both my professional and personal life. Thanks to math teachers!

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