Posted by: scrabblequeen | September 24, 2009

Dog-gone Heat!

Hi, Sasha here. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to get the humans to let me get a word in edge-wise.
Because it has been really hot around here lately, mom keeps complaining about a hundred degrees, we haven’t gone out to play much.

Oh sure, we still get our daily walks, sometimes even in the morning and the evening, but playing in the backyard seems to be out of the question for Misty and the people. So, as play leader in this family, it is up to me to make sure things don’t get completely boring.

Yesterday I took matters into my own paws. I brought one of my favorite balls into the dining room after mom’s student left, and dropped it at her feet. When she didn’t respond quickly enough, I barked at her to get her attention. The dining room is cool…it has hard walls and hard floors, so when I bark it sounds really, really loud! I love that.

Anyway, to play ball on here, I first drop the ball at someone’s feet. I might let them throw it once or twice,
ball indoors
but then, I like to tease them a bit. I snatch the ball away from them, just like always, and run under the table. Heh heh…they can see me, but they can’t reach me. 🙂
ball under table
So now you know how to still fit in play time, even when it is too hot (or cold) to go outside!

Oh, and don’t write to me about playing in the water. We don’t go for that sort of non-sense around here. Really, Misty and I are both too smart for that. Water equals bath…..and we know it!

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  1. Sasha, you and Mugsy would have been well-met. He liked to tease the humans with a ball every now and then too.

  2. So cute!

  3. Water does equal bath. Have you ever tried drinking from a hose? Thor likes it when his boys run the hose for him. We play with our rope a lot.

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