Posted by: scrabblequeen | September 22, 2009

Things Finished, Things Started

As of an hour ago, summer is finished and fall begun. I wish the weather reflected that change!

In the knitting world, a pair of mittens are finished
Bee nice mitts
My “Bee Nice” mittens are knit with the left-over black Wool Ease from the Bumble scarf, and some yellow Caron Wintuk using the Malabrigo Hand Thingies pattern. Count me not a fan of the Caron Wintuk.

I’ve also begun a pair of socks…for me! I’m using the lovely Malabrigo sock in Stonechat and IrishGirlie’s Cotty socks pattern. I’m loving both the yarn and the pattern, even though I was a bit challenged by my first picot edge.
mal sock stonechat
cotty cuff 1

In the book world, City of Ember is finished, and The People of Sparks is begun.

I’m also quite happy that for today, work is finished and the fun will soon begin, as tonight is Knit night!
What are you up to as we change seasons? Anyone doing anything fun?



  1. I’m flying to Seattle on Friday to hopefully get a dose of seasons changing…although they are having a heat wave today :0)
    Enjoy your knitting tonight!

  2. Pretty yarn! Those socks will be beautiful!

    I love fall and our weather has cooled down to the upper 60s during the day, so just perfect. My idea of fun is to go sit outdoors with the dogs. Good times.

  3. I think I have that same Malabrigo sock colorway. I’d give you an update on my knitting, but I did that in an email this morning.

  4. Fall weather to go your with fall colors–I’m definitely putting my order in: this heat wave needs to end with a nice good bit of rain, soon, I think.

    Maybe we can knit the colors and it will come?

  5. Ooh, lovely socks! In the photo, the yarn looks almost coppery (but then my monitor can be odd that way so don’t worry about your photography if I’m way off the mark).

    Nice mitts, too. I know Wintuk, and it’s a decent hard-wearing acrylic, though not as nice to the touch as Wool-ease or something higher end. Still, mitts get a lot of wear, so durability is important.

    And my fall activities are the usual- racing the oak trees to get the pool closed before it fills with leaves and acorns, and getting an early start on procrastinating on Christmas items.

  6. Oh! Cotty is going to be so pretty in the malabrigo!!! Your picot edge is great 🙂

    I love that fall is here…now if only fall weather was here too!

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