Posted by: scrabblequeen | September 11, 2009

500th Post

I can’t help feeling somehow, that this should be profound in some way. As it happens, I have nothing profound to say!

I do have some knitting to report….

Four, yes FOUR finished objects! Three little baby hats and a pair of fingerless mittens. I wanted to knit something for a co-worker of Hubby Dearest who has recently become the father of twins. I started a hat, much like one I knit a few months ago for a friend’s grand daughter. Then, I started a hat for the boy child, which I ended up liking better than the girl’s hat….so, needless to say, I made another girl hat in roughly the same pattern as the boys hat. Now I have three hats for two heads. Not the worst problem one could have, right?
three little hats

I also completed a pair of Malabrigo Hand Thingies for my friend Gina. Bet you can’t guess what yarn I used for this project…. 🙂
ginas mitts

Now I’ve moved on to yet another pumpkin hat. This one is adult sized and is meant for the father of the three little pumpkins from last fall. I’m using Cascade 220 heathers in orange and green, cast on 105 stitches, and off we go in K 6, P 1 rib.
jeffs hat

After a long stretch of ‘must knit on a tight schedule’ projects which weren’t exactly quickies, I’m enjoying whipping out an FO every couple of days for now.



  1. Lovely hats and mitts! Quite fitting for a significant post #.

  2. They’re very cute! And the mitts look super-comfy! Congratulations on your 500th post!

  3. Very fun for us to see the WIPS coming so often. Lovely blog stuff here!

  4. Hey, one gets Kudos for all Finished Objects. Quick ones are actually the best. All those fun feelings from starting something new, plus it is complete before you get bored!

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