Posted by: scrabblequeen | September 3, 2009

Dog Day Again!

dogs on thurday


The girls got new harnasses recently. Now, when I say ‘new’ harnasses, you might be thinking they had old ones…errr…sort of. We have one old one, neither of these two dogs has used it more than once. It belong to Misty’s mother…a long time ago.

Anyway, A couple of weeks ago Chan posted about her little gal’s new harnass. I liked what I saw. I followed the online link….I didnt’ like the price…at all! I made a stop at the local Pet Extreme store and was thrilled to find the exact same brand was carried in the store. Like Chan, I wish they had purple, but since they didn’t, we got red and blue. Best? I got both of them for cents more than one cost (without shipping) online.
new harnasses
The girls have adjusted fairly well to the new arrangement. They do seem to be better behaved on their walks lately…



  1. Those look nice – we might have to look there too. Janeway has chewed through two collars and one harness. 😦 I hate the chain collars!

  2. They look very sharp in their new harnesses and they look comfy, too. I like that style.

  3. I’m so glad you got a deal! (Wish I had, but whatever…) I’m still trying to find a Sissy-sized harness in a similar style.

  4. Whatever it takes to get momma to take us for a walk 🙂 love the new harnesses!

  5. I think a harness controls the dog better. Of course, Thor is so big he wears a pony harness – literally – and those are not as cute as yours.

  6. How cute are they?!

  7. Cool! They’re adorable.

  8. What cuties!!!! BTW: I thought I was the “scrabble queen”??? LOL

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