Posted by: scrabblequeen | August 31, 2009

ON and Off The Needles

It’s a well established fact around here that I am a project knitter more than a process knitter. I do enjoy learning new techniques but I am really all about getting it done.

Lately, I’ve knit some very nice things. But….you knew it was coming….they took up all of my knitting time. They were things which for one reason or another I wanted/needed to knit, however, their all-consuming need to be done by a certain date kept me from other projects I just wanted to knit!

Yesterday I finished up the Vi Shawl. I was able to do this because I ignored an error I noticed just far enough back that at 200+ stitches per row, I was un-willing to tink that many stitches. No panic here. I know the recipient will be thrilled with the shawl. I doubt she will look for, or find, the mistake. I am at peace. My only question is: to block or not to block?

Here is an un-flattering, un-blocked photo of the finished shawl. (I need a model!)
vi shawl done
So, now that all of the ‘must do’ knitting of the moment is done, what should I knit next? I have so many projects waiting to be started is it hard to know where to turn. For the moment, I’ve got little hat on the needles. It is one of two, which will be for a co-worker of Hubby Dearest who recently became the father of twins. I’m using the Bernat Jacquards again. The girl’s hat is in the Spearmint Candy coloway (same as before) and the boy’s will be in I’m a Big Boy!

After that? Socks, mittens, some cosies….and then, when I’m good and ready, I’ll return to my Arrowhead Lace shawl and maybe even the cabled purse I began back at the end of May!


  1. very pretty shawl I have to look into that one!! Can’t wait to see the hats I mailed your box finally today!!!!!!

  2. Purty! If it’s a gift, block, otherwise don’t. Blocking would just give it that little something that’s good for a gift.

    Don’t you wish we all had more time to knit?

  3. Love the shawl. 🙂 I’m finally working on some socks after a brief foray into the ballband dishcloth craze. lol

  4. The shawl is lovely. Blocking would make it grow… is the recipient in need of a bigger shawl?

  5. I love the bluuuues! P.S. You couch looks comfy. I’m getting a new one, so I’ve been eyeing every couch I see. LOL

  6. Oh, that’s lovely! And isn’t it fun to imagine all the possibilities when you’re deciding what to cast on next? I always enjoy that part.

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