Posted by: scrabblequeen | July 30, 2009

Bathed Beauties

dogs on thurday

Happy DOT to all of you!

The misses Misty and Sasha were sent to the groomers this week, first thing Monday morning, in fact. When I picked them up I found two bathed, clipped, and manicured pups with lovely purple bandanas covered with Hawaiian flowers. They were very happy to see me, of course, but even happier to get home and rub themselves all over the carpet and furniture to try to ‘get their scent back’.
purple leis
Don’t they look nice in purple? I think it looked spectacular against their clean black coats.

Misty was happy to pose for me and show to show off her lovely clipped face. (color off due to lack of flash)
misty july 09
Sasha, on the other hand, couldn’t be bothered to look at me long enough for the camera to accomplish it’s task. A profile shot, therefore, will have to suffice!
sasha profile
While I think newly bathed dogs are a good thing, it would seem that Sasha did not agree. I was watering the garden when she came out to ahem, ‘fix’ things a bit. How? Oh, nothing fancy, to be sure. She just found a big mound of nice, clean dirt, and rubbed her face back and forth in it until she was happy with the results. Then she plopped herself down on it and lay there for a while, for good measure. ( I got even with her in the house, where I captured and brushed her down thoroughly!)



  1. Love those purple bandanas!

  2. They’re adorable, but dogs do have their own sense of what they should smell like. Luckily, my girls LIKE to be clean, in sharp contrast to the boys, who would do just what Sasha did.

  3. Earworm of the day: “And they call it puppy love…” They’re adorable!

  4. They certainly look good in purple. Mine like to get dirty as fast as possible after grooming.

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