Posted by: scrabblequeen | July 29, 2009

Fabric FOs

I was reading some of my favorite blogs the other day when I came across something I had to try. Gloriana at A Mingled Yarn had made a very cute hooded towel for her lttle daughter and was kind enough to link to the page where the ‘pattern’ and tutorial for said towel were located.

Now, I’ve been making hooded baby towels for nearly 20 years, so I was intrigued with this ‘new’ pattern. New, as in different, from the one I’ve used all through the years. Naturally, I had to try it out. 🙂

I picked up two inexpensive bath towels and matching hand towels at IKEA on Friday, and on Saturday gave the new pattern a go. For my first effort I attempted to follow the directions exactly as written/shown. The body of the towel came out fine, but I was less than impressed with the hood. It had a seam right down the top of the head, which ended with a large ‘bump’ where the sewn edges met at the ‘hemmed’ or embellished part of the hand towel. It was okay, but not great.
cream new towel
For the second trial, I opted to use the idea for the hood from the new pattern, but to attatch it to my standard towel ‘body’. I cut the hand towel a little differently this time, so I was able to avoid the seam down the top of the hood, which made me much happier. The difference between ‘my’ towel’s body and the new towel’s ‘body’ is really just a matter of degrees. Make it and Love it’s pattern calles for a single box pleat on either side of the center back of the towel. My old stand-by calls for a series of 3 box pleats on either side of center. I really liked the ‘combined’ hooded towel a lot!
green new towel
The remaining differences between the two hooded towels has to do with the embellishments. Make It and Love It calls for cute little ears on her hood. My standard towel has no ears, but includes a decorative ribbon or ruffle across the body of the towel about six inches up from the bottom.

So there you are, two cute, functional hooded baby towel options. Whichever one you like best, go make some! They make awesome shower gifts or new-mommy gifts, and are far superior to the nasty thin baby towels sold in stores!

I didn’t have any small children handy to model the new towels for me, so it’s a tad difficult to see exactly how the look/differ from one another. But just for comparisson purposed, I’ll include a shot of one of ‘my’ towels made back in 2007 for a friend.


  1. Okay, that’s about as close as anyone has ever gotten to making me really want to sew. Beautiful!!

  2. That is very nicely done. Really pretty!

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