Posted by: scrabblequeen | July 23, 2009

Busy Day Blog

I’m too busy to post the things I really want/need to post, so I stole this from Monica, just so I could have something! It’s from Booking Through Thursday, which might be fun to look into sometime.

Reading something frivolous OR something serious? —— depends on my mood
Paperbacks OR hardcovers? —— both
Fiction OR Nonfiction? —— both
Poetry OR Prose? —— prose
Biographies OR Autobiographies? —— both
History OR Historical Fiction? —— both
Series OR Stand-alones? —— both
Classics OR best-sellers? —— both
Lurid, fruity prose OR straight-forward, basic prose? —— never lurid, mostly basic, but I like change sometime
Plots OR Stream-of-Consciousness? —— plots
Long books OR Short?—— if it’s a good book or story, length is not an issue
Illustrated OR Non-illustrated? —— Hard question. I like some things illustrated and others I like to form my own images for.
Borrowed OR Owned? —— depends on the book
New OR Used? —— no preference



  1. aw you don’t need to say “steal”… Booking Through Thursday is fun for everyone!

  2. I mostly agree, but I did really enjoy Portrait of the Artist, and still want to name a dog Baby Tuckoo.

  3. I don’t always answer the Booking Through Thursday question, but I thought this week’s would be easy. I like your answers 🙂 My blog is named “Well-Mannered Frivolity” – can you guess what my answer to number 1 was? Here’s my BTT response:

    Booking Through Thursday: Preferences

  4. I know that feeling. I’ve got a ton of posts in my head, but actually sitting down and typing them out? Not happening. lol

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