Posted by: scrabblequeen | July 9, 2009

Dogs In Action

dogs on thurday
Misty here.
Now that mom is back from camp, maybe us girls can take center stage again….at least on Thursdays!
We cashed in on her guilt from being away from us so much. The first day after mom got home, we had no intention of being left home alone again anytime soon, so mom HAD to take us to the Farmer’s Market with her. We had a great time. There were lots of new smells, lots of people, food!, and even other dogs who had brought their people out for a stroll. We met one really nice fellow who was only a little bigger than we are. He was a very handsome Norwich terrier, who looked a lot like this guy.
Image removed. You can see an example of this dog here. I found the photo on a free-image site, but can no longer use it.
We played on the climbing thingy with dad and little Sissy. Sorry that Sasha has her backside toward you. She didn’t realize mom was taking pictures!
dogs with sissy
Besides getting to go to the Market, we’ve been able to use our “puppy eyes” to get lots of walks and treats, too. But best of all, since the boy was still gone at camp, we got sleep in mom and dad’s room for a whole week! It was awesome. Funny thing though, after a few days of this bliss, mom was getting really grumpy. She seemed to think it was a problem that Sasha and I like to lay on her feet, or legs, or just be really, really close to her all night long. People! Who can hope to understand them completely?

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  1. LOL Too funny!

  2. Samba likes to use my legs as a pillow and I wake up stiff and cramped from not being able to move. But she loves me and I love her.

  3. Misty, you are delightful. I adore Norwich terriers, so that was a treat too!

  4. It sure is funny how they can use those “puppy eyes” to get what they want! LOL

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